SMITE Patch 11.4 Continues the Trend of Shaking Things Up Before SMITE 2

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SMITE Patch 11.4 Continues the Trend of Shaking Things Up Before SMITE 2

SMITE Patch 11.4 was released recently, which brought some interesting god changes, as well as a brand new Boss camp for the Solo lane!

While everyone is waiting for the release of the SMITE 2 Closed Alpha and the Founder’s Editions becoming available on April 15th, SMITE 1 is still going strong. It’s newest Patch, 11.4 continues in the direction of the previous ones with more bold changes – while they are small, they are game changing, switching up how the MOBA worked for 10+ years. However, the community loves these shakeups before the sequel as it keeps the last year of SMITE incredibly fresh.

SMITE Patch 11.4 – The Most Important Changes

Before we dive into the wall of text that are the changes, let’s look at a few highlights of the update!

  • Surtr’s 1 has been reworked to have 999 stacks – and you can get stacks for hitting things with Flames of Muspel instead of killing them! The damage has been toned down, but you can stack so much easier now.
  • King Arthur’s main drawbacks is that he can’t proc item passives and basically can’t crit with his AA’s – or at least he couldn’t as now he can! Expect to be hit by Hydra’s Lament Arthur or face a full crit King of Camelot.
  • The Bull Demon King of Joust migrated to Conquest! The boss of Japanese themed 3v3 map will take up residence in the lair of the Fire Giant and grants ward detection when defeated.
  • After the Golden Shard nerfs, Golden Blade is removed (again). However, there’s two new items to take it’s place: Stormseeker, which let’s you stack Attack Speed if you hit your autos, and Equinox, which basically gives everyone a Loki Passive.
  • Over 70(!!!) gods had their abilities change to make them more fluid. This update took an even bigger leap than 11.3 – in the good direction, as the swap from SMITE 1 to SMITE 2 shouldn’t be as big of an issue as before.

SMITE Patch 11.4 – Every Change of the New Update

SMITE Patch 11.4

SMITE Patch 11.4 New Battle Pass – Dapper Denizens

  • The Cross-Gen Pass offers two options: Dapper Denizens for 600 Gems and Dapper Denizens Plus for 1200 Gems. Alternatively, players can buy all content from Day 1. Paid track items include Dapper Catter Bacchus, Vizier Eggbert Beakington Ra, Dapper Mousey Avatar, Dapper Mousey Global Emote, Esquire Title, Vizier Eggbert Beakington Avatar, Dapper Catter Announcer Pack, Vizier Eggbert Beakington Jump Stamp, and Dapper Denizens Level Up. Free track items consist of Dapper Catter Avatar, Charcuterie Death Stamp, and Fancy Pipe Recall Skin.

SMITE Patch 11.4 Bug Fixes

  • UI:
    • Loading Frames
      • Several Loading Frames from Year 10 with loading issues have been fixed. Any disabled Loading Frames will be re-enabled with this patch.
    • General Gameplay:
      • Domination
        • Fixed a bug where Domination wasn't counting towards First Win of the Day and wasn't showing correctly in Match History.
      • Multi-queue
        • Players can no longer Multi-queue for Ranked modes and can undo preferences. Multi-queue is now restricted to normal modes only.
      • Gods:
        • Zhong Kui
          • Fixed a bug where Zhong Kui couldn't gain stacks of his passive (Demon Bag) after being revived by Alternate Timeline.
        • Vamana
          • Corrected the ordering of stat gains from Sleeping Giant, allowing effects like Spartan Flag to increase his Passive Power and Silverbranch Bow stacks from Attack Speed.
        • Nut
          • Fixed an issue where Nut's “Event Horizon” achievement progress only counted the inner circle of her ultimate.
        • The Morrigan
          • Fixed a bug with Changeling impacting Ranked Matchmaking Rating gains and losses. The Morrigan will be available in Ranked modes again after the patch.

SMITE Patch 11.4 Game Modes

SMITE Patch 11.4

The first big change is the nerf to catchup XP, as the multiplier has been decreased by 10% when a lower level player kills a higher level one – this changes was implemented in all gamemodes!


  • New Objective: The Bull Demon King
    • Spawns from 2 minutes until 15 minutes in the Fire Giant Pit.
      • The Fire Giant now spawns at 15 minutes, previously at 10 minutes. The Flaming Speed Achievement time has been adjusted from 10:30 to 15:30.
    • Killing the Bull Demon awards global Gold, global XP, and a team-wide buff called Bull Demon’s Sight for 60 seconds, revealing all enemy wards on the map and making them killable.
    • The Bull Demon respawns 2 minutes after being defeated. Jungle starter items can be used against the it.

Changes have been made to various jungle objectives:

  • Gold Fury:
    • Gold, Oni, and Primal Fury debuffs reduced from 5% per stack to 4% per stack (30% at max stacks to 24% at max stacks).
  • Mid Harpies:
    • Reduced Physical Power from 20 to 16.
  • Nagas:
    • Base Gold increased from 45 to 55.
    • Base XP increased from 80 to 90.
  • Shield Buff:
    • Base Gold reduced from 45 to 35.
    • Base XP reduced from 70 to 60.
    • Small guards removed, leaving only the Scorpion.
    • Gold and XP between Shield and Cooldown Buffs now match.
  • Cooldown Buff:
    • Base Gold reduced from 45 to 35.
    • Base XP reduced from 70 to 60.
    • Grants an additional effect: Every 5s, subtract 0.5s from all abilities currently on cooldown.
  • Invade Penalty:
    • Reduced base invade penalty from 75% to 70%.
      • Note: Penalty linearly reduces to 0% by 10 minutes.


  • Players can now re-roll twice.
  • Re-roll and trading time increased by 15s.
  • Tier 1 Towers have undergone adjustments:
  • Health decreased to 1750, Physical Power increased to 235, Protections decreased to 125, added 50% Damage Mitigation.
  • Two bastions added to the Tier 1 Towers' outer edges, destroying one removes 25% Damage Mitigation.
  • Health Orb spawns staggered, center lane spawns at 1:00, side-lane spawns at 2:30.
  • Fountain grants temporary Movement Speed boost based on tower status.


Several gods banned from Duel mode:

  • Nut, Bake Kujira, Maman Brigitte, Charon, Ix Chel, Martichoras, Surtr, Maui, Ishtar, Lancelot, Yu Huang, Shiva, Atlas, Cliodhna, Charybdis, Morgan Le Fay, Gilgamesh, Tiamat, Danzaburou, Tsukuyomi, Cthulhu, Baba Yaga, Mulan, Heimdallr, Yemoja, Persephone, Olorun, Horus, Set, Jormungandr, Merlin, King Arthur, Hera, Pele, Baron Samedi, Chernobog, Achilles, Cerberus.


  • The Ticket count has been increased to 600 from 500

SMITE Patch 11.4 Item Changes

  • Sphinx's Baubles
    • Increased Cost from 2450 to 2900.
  • Conduit Gem
    • Decreased Minion Damage per stack from 2 to 1.
  • Stormseeker
    • Builds off of Hunter’s Bow. Costs 1900g.
    • Provides +15 Physical Power and +20% Attack Speed. Passive grants a permanent stacking Attack Speed buff of 0.15% per stack for a max of 999 stacks.
  • Equinox
    • Golden Blade has been removed from the game, and this is the replacement of it!
    • Builds off of Thousand Fold Blade, costs 2200g.
    • Provides +25 Physical Power, +20% Attack Speed, and +7% Movement Speed.
    • Passive heals for 2 + 1 Health per level when hitting an enemy with a Basic Attack from the front (doubled against gods) and deals additional 15 + 3 Physical damage per level when hitting from the back.
  • Arondight
    • Decreased Cost from 2600 to 2500. Increased Buff duration from 8s to 10s. Increased Passive Damage from 20 to 30.
  • Gem of Isolation
    • Decreased Passive Cooldown from 5s to 2.5s.
  • Frostbound Hammer
    • Decreased Passive Cooldown from 5s to 3s.
  • Fighter's Mask
    • Decreased Damage Taken debuff per level from 0.25% to 0.1%. Decreased Damage Dealt buff from 6% to 5%.
  • Divine Barrier
    • Increased Deploy Range from 20 units to 30 units. Reduced Cooldown from 110s to 100s for Divine Barrier and from 90s to 80s for Greater Divine Barrier and Blessed Barrier.
    • Increased Basic Attack Damage buff from 10% to 15% for Blessed Barrier.
  • Vision Shard
    • Increased Vision Radius from 35 to 45.
  • Wing Shard
    • Increased Movement Speed from 10% to 15%.

SMITE Patch 11.4 God Changes

SMITE Patch 11.4

  • Pele
    • Eruption's Inner Damage decreased from 70/115/160/205/250 to 60/105/150/195/240. Outer Damage decreased from 140/180/220 to 130/170/210.
  • Izanami
    • Spectral Projection's Base Slow increased from 18% to 20%. Slow per stack increased from 6% to 10%. Fade Away's Cooldown decreased from 17/16.5/16/15.5/15s to 15s.
  • Yu Huang
    • Master of the Dao's Stack time decreased from 6s to 3s.
    • Flames of the Phoenix Burn Damage per tick increased from 5/6/7/8/9 to 5/7/9/11/13.
    • Dao Cultivation Projectile Damage Scaling increased from 35% to 40%. AoE Damage Scaling increased from 50% to 60%.
  • Maui
    • Attack Speed per level increased from 1.2 to 1.4.
    • Solar Swing's Stun Duration increased from 1.1/1.2/1.3/1.4/1.5s to 1.5s at all ranks. Mana Cost decreased from 70/75/80/85/90 to 60 at all ranks.
  • Lancelot
    • Camelot's Quest Max Stack Count decreased from 60 to 40. Movement Speed per stack increased from 0.3% to 0.45%. Basic Attack Damage Reduction per stack increased from 0.3% to 0.45%.
    • Skilled Strikes Shield Damage increased from 40/70/100/130/160 to 45/80/115/150/185. Quick Turn's Cooldown decreased from 4s to 2s.
  • King Arthur
    • Can now proc Basic Attack items with his Basic Attacks.
  • Chang'e
    • Rabbit Movement Speed increased from 3.5x Chang'e’s Movement Speed to 5x Chang'e’s Speed. Movement Speed while dancing increased from 25% to 40%. Damage Taken Debuff Duration increased from 4s to 5s.
  • Heimdallr
    • Piercing Sight adjustments for consistency and usability.
  • Surtr
    • Flames of Muspell Stacks increased from 200 to 999. Surtr gains 1 stack when hitting an enemy non-god, 2 stacks when killing an enemy non-god, 3 stacks when hitting an enemy god, and 5 stacks when killing an enemy god. Damage per stack decreased from 5 per stack to 1 per stack.
  • Nut
    • Convergence can now be canceled while firing.
  • Cupid
    • Share the Love's hearts now spawn closer together.
  • Cabrakan
    • Refraction Shield buff no longer wears off while taking damage.
  • Hercules
    • Camera unlocked during Earthbreaker and Excavate casting.
  • Achilles
    • Combat Dodge's targeter behavior has been adjusted for Quick Cast and Instant Cast.
  • All the gods that had some abilities changes for fluidity:
    • Achilles – Shield of Achilles
    • Ah Muzen Cab – Stinger
    • Ah Puch – Undead Surge, Fleeting Breath
    • Amaterasu – Heavenly Reflection
    • Ao Kuang – Dragon Call (Ranged attack)
    • Aphrodite – Back Off!
    • Apollo – Across the Sky
    • Artio – Energy Surge (Maul Prey)
    • Athena – Confound
    • Baron Samedi – Life of the Party
    • Cabrakan – Refraction Shield, Tectonic Shift
    • Camazotz – Screech, Vampire Bats
    • Chaac – Torrent
    • Chang’e – Crescent Moon Dance, Waxing Moon
    • Charybdis – Basic Attacks, Spike Shot, Capsize
    • Chernobog – Basic Attacks, Vicious Barrage, Living Nightmare, Clone Basic Attacks
    • Chronos – Stop Time
    • Cliodhna – Tearing the Veil
    • Danzaburou – Alluring Spirits
    • Discordia – Golden Apple of Discord
    • Erlang Shen – Pin, 9 Turns Blessing
    • Ganesha – Turn of Fate
    • Geb – Shock Wave
    • Hachiman – Mounted Archery
    • Hades – Basic Attacks
    • He Bo – Crushing Wave
    • Heimdallr – Piercing Sight
    • Hel – Decay (Restoration), Restoration (Decay)
    • Hercules – Excavate
    • Horus – Updraft, Basic Attack
    • Hun Batz – Overhead Smash
    • Ishtar – Imbue Arrows, Strike Shot
    • Ix Chel – Basic Attacks, Rainbow Weaver, Basic Attack, Gleaming Blast (Threads of Light)
    • Izanami – Basic Attacks, Spectral Projection
    • Jormungandr – Venomous Haze, Submerge
    • Khepri – Rising Dawn
    • King Arthur – Battle Stomp (Uppercut)
    • Kumbhakarna – Groggy Strike
    • Kuzenbo – Nene Kappa
    • Maman Brigitte – Explosion of Souls
    • Martichoras – Basic Attacks, Poisoned Barb
    • Maui – Master Fisherman
    • Merlin – Basic Attacks
    • Morgan Le Fay – Shroud of Wildfire
    • Mulan – Cross Strike
    • Ne Zha – Universe Ring Toss
    • Nike – Rend
    • Nox – Night Terror
    • Nu Wa – Basic Attacks, Shining Metal
    • Olorun – Focused Light, Consecration, Sanctified Field
    • Pele – Pyroclast, Eruption
    • Raijin – Basic Attacks, Raiju
    • Rama – Astral Barrage
    • Ravana – Prana Onslaught, Overhead Kick
    • Serqet – Cobra’s Kiss, Last Breath
    • Set – Skewer
    • Shiva – Damaru’s Tempo
    • Sol – Basic Attacks, Radiance
    • Sun Wukong – The Magic Cudgel
    • Susano – Storm Kata, Wind Siphon
    • Sylvanus – Wisps
    • Terra – Monolith
    • Thanatos – Death Scythe
    • Tiamat – Outburst
    • Tsukuyomi – Darkmoon Shuriken, Basic Attack, Caltrops
    • Vamana – Umbrellarang
    • Vulcan – Basic Attacks, Magma Bomb, Earthshaker
    • Xbalanque – Basic Attacks, Poison Darts
    • Xing Tian – Hook Slam
    • Yemoja – Basic Attacks, Mending Waters
    • Ymir – Frost Breath
    • Yu Huang – Basic AttackAz űrlap teteje

SMITE Patch 11.4 is out now! You can try out crazy builds and defeat the Demon King as you read this article. Also don’t forget that SMITE 2 is on the horizon with the Founder’s Pack arriving on April 15th and the Closed Alpha becoming available at the start of May. Check back to ESTNN for all things SMITE!

SMITE Patch 11.4 Continues the Trend of Shaking Things Up Before SMITE 2
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