SMITE Patch 11.2 – The Most Important Changes of Year 11 Patch 2

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SMITE Patch 11.2 – The Most Important Changes of Year 11 Patch 2

The second patch of Year 11 has been showcased, but what changed in SMITE Patch 11.2?

Year 11 should be the last year of SMITE 1 as SMITE 2 has been announced for a while now, with the first publicly available version supposedly coming in March. However, Year 11 is going full force with big changes and a new playable god – and a huge Patch for her release. Let’s look at the most important changes of Patch 11.2!

SMITE Patch 11.2 – The Most Important Changes

SMITE Patch 11.2 Item Changes

Item Nerfs

  • Warrior’s Axe
    • Warrior’s Axe has been overbuffed in order to bring some forgotten gods back into the meta, but it pushed out every other starter from the Solo lane, so it’s Physical Power has been decreased by 5.
  • The Alternate Timeline
    • The more played upgrade of Sands of Time has also been nerfed, giving 5 less Protections of each kind to give space for other stater items. It was just too good.
  • Horrific Emblem
    • Horrific and both of it’s upgrades will have 10 seconds more cooldown as well as 5% less slow to make them less oppressive, especially in the early game.
  • Proximity Ward
    • One of the new Wards added in Year 11 has been incredibly popular, but makes it hard to rotate in the early game when speed is of the essence, so now it can only be bought after level 5.
  • Demon Blade
    • Crit has been a bit too good for ADC’s, as Crit items basically give every stat. Demon Blade loses the passive Attack Speed, being the first to die on the altar of a more divers Hunter meta.
  • Devoted Deathbringer
    • The Upgrade to Deathbringer has been the pin tying Crit builds together, and while the balance team didn’t want to change that, it’s crit multiplier has been lowered by 0.05 as it was too strong.

SMITE Patch 11.2

Item Buffs

  • Conduit Gem and Archmage’s Gem
    • While Alternate Timeline has been nerfed quite a bit, Conduit Gem now stacks faster – but deals less damage. Still, it should become a viable option for midlane mages and Magical solo laners as well, as you can churn out more extra damage.
  • Death’s Temper
    • This Death’s Toll upgrade was a bit neglected, but as it takes half as long to stack now and gives more health, it should see more play.
  • Rejuvenating Heart
    • This is the biggest buff of Patch 11.2, as Rejuvenating Heart now shares 75% of the healing received instead of 33%. The balance team wanted to bring back lifesteal for Year 11 – and they meant it.
  • Vibrant Shard
    • While Vibrant Shard has seen some play, it was been the weakest out of the shards, especially how successful the new ones have been. It now has 5% more Physical and Magical scaling, so it should be picked up more often.
  • Cannoneer’s Cuirass
    • While Cuirass’ passive is great, it just didn’t give enough stats, but with 5 more on both Protections, it should become a viable option for Supports.
  • Blackthorn Hammer
    • Blackthorn has returned to the game with Year 11, but didn’t return to the meta. Thankfully it’s cost will get reduced and it’s Health will be increased, so it should see more play.
  • Titan’s Bane
    • The Mace tree is one of the most iconic Physical damage tree in the game, but Titan’s Bane has been forgotten for all of Year 11 – hopefully more power and a lower cooldown on it’s Passive should help this item!

SMITE Patch 11.2 God Changes

God Nerfs

  • Athena
    • Defender of Olympus is one of the best ultimates in the game as it let’s Athena traverse the map quickly – but the Damage Mitigation and Movement Speed it gives will now scale with ability level.
  • Maman Brigitte
    • A staple in the jungle ever since she was added, Maman Brigitte’s 1 will have a longer cooldown if you empty the bottle, while her 3 will have reduced damage.
  • Thoth
    • Thoth was one of the biggest beneficiaries of the Year 11 midlane changes, so the damage scaling of his 1 and Ult has been reduced – now he can’t snipe enemy gods as easily.
  • Bake Kujira
    • Bake Kujira was one of the most hype additions to the game, as he was unique both lore and gameplay wise. However, he has been a bit too strong, so his 1 has been nerfed a but alongside his 2, while his Ultimate is stronger early but weaker late.
  • Kukulkan
    • While Kuku has been in an okay spot, his 2 made him a bit too safe, so it will give 10% less movement speed and will have an increased cooldown. This way there’s counterplay to this nuker.
  • Hachiman
    • Heavenly Banner’s and Mounted Archery’s cooldown has been increased, as Hachiman has been a staple for a long time.
  • Anhur
    • Anhur is THE 1v1 Hunter in the game, but being able to win every duel is a bit limiting for his opponents, so the slow on his 1 has been nerfed by 5% at all ranks.
  • Charon
    • While Charon has been in a fine spot this year, his Shield has been nerfed a bit as he’s still very tanky.
  • Vamana
    • Vamana has been gaining popularity once again, which means that his ult was good (he doesn’t have much going on). It’s Lifesteal and Power has been nerfed, so the Avatar of Vishnu should sink back to irrelevance again.

SMITE Patch 11.2

God Buffs

  • Hades
    • Even though Lifesteal should be strong this season, Hades is not, so Pillar of Agony now gives more protections to counteract the nerfs Hades received a while ago.
  • He Bo
    • He Bo suffered the most of the removal of Class Passives, so the balance team put some damage back into his kit to help his jungling alongside making his 1 cost less mana.
  • Hou Yi
    • Hou Yi should be great in this meta as he counters crit, but he’s simply not enough. His 1 will deal more damage after the Patch drops, which should push him up towards A Tier.
  • Xing Tian
    • Xing Tian got nice buff as his 1 will decrease damage more in the early game, and his 2 will get decreased cooldown as you rank up the ability.
  • Cerberus
    • One of the most interesting buffs of the Patch, Cerberus can now refund 2 seconds of his 3’s cooldown if he or his allies kill a Ghost the ability creates. More hops for the puppy!
  • Zhong Kui
    • Mage Solos were nerfed out before the SMITE World Championship, but Zhong wasn’t even used then. His Demon Bag is now more easily stackable (which seems to be a direction for most stacking mechanics changed this patch). He also gets more Base Attack Speed, which helps his clear quite a bit.
  • Kali
    • Just a small buff for Kali as her 3’s cooldown has been decreased by 1 second.
  • Horus
    • Horus has been struggling as a Support, so his base Health and Health/level has both been increased, while his 3 now also heals more. The HP/level buff is the biggest change, as it was increased by 22 – that’s a lot.
  • Hercules
    • Earthbreaker deals more damage later on, which lets Herc scale a bit better into the lategame – but he still thrives in the early parts of a Conquest match.
  • Nemesis
    • Retribution’s shield has been increased by a LOT at all ranks, while Divine Judgement rankups give actual benefits for all 5 pips instead of just 3.
  • Chiron
    • The damage of his 3 has been increased with the mana cost fixed at 70, so the Great Teacher can dash more consistently.

And there you have it! All the god and item changes of SMITE’s Patch 11.2. Don’t forget that Nut is coming as well – play the last god of SMITE 1 next week!

SMITE Patch 11.2 – The Most Important Changes of Year 11 Patch 2
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