SMITE Nut Abilities – The Last God of SMITE 1 Has Been Revealed!

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SMITE Nut Abilities – The Last God of SMITE 1 Has Been Revealed!

The newest god of SMITE is coming to the Battlefield next week – but what are the abilities of Nut, the last character of the first game?

The 130th playable deity of SMITE, Nut is almost here! The last god to be added to the Battleground will be released next week with the 11.2 Patch. Even though she’s a Hunter, she plays more like a mage (with tons of attack speed) – which shows that the developers had SMITE 2 in mind when creating her. But what are the abilities of the newest character added to SMITE?

SMITE Nut Abilities

SMITE Nut Abilities

Passive – Flux

Nut’s most Hunter-like ability is her passive. When she damages an enemy with an ability, she gets a stacking Attack Speed Buff, which can go up to 10 stacks. One ability can give her multiple stacks, so hitting multiple enemies is very beneficial.

The AS buff is 2% + 0.1% per level, so it goes up to 4% per stack at level 20. This means that Nut can gain 40% Attack Speed just from her passive, which is incredible – Ironbranch Bow will be a must buy on her.

1 – Convergence

Nut’s next auto attack is enhanced, shooting 2 extra shots alongside her main projectile. These projectiles can go through enemies and deal ability damage instead of Basic Attack damage. If Nut hits an enemy, she can shoot again, gaining 2 extra charges when hitting an enemy god.

The interesting part is that cancelling this ability refunds the remaining stacks, storing them for later when you need them for a big burst. This ability also works great with Nut’s passive, as it let’s you gain stacks increasingly faster.

2 – Crashing Comet

Nut calls down a meteor, which deals damage in the target area, then sends out a shockwave that deals damage again. Enemies hit directly by the comet are rooted while those on the edge are Trembled.

While this ability is a good self-peeling tool, it also grants 2 stacks of Flux as it deals damage twice, making it important for trading in lane.

3 – Warp

Nut has a movement ability similar to Merlin’s Blink. With Warp, she teleports a short distance to the direction she’s walking. If she teleports near an enemy god, Nut spawns 3 homing projectiles which deal damage to the closest gods, also granting stacks of Flux.

While the 3 stacks of Flux are already great if this ability is used aggressively, it also resets the cooldown of Convergence, which let’s the Goddess of the Sky become a walking machine gun.

4 – Skyfall

During her ultimate, Nut ascends to the sky to start charging a black hole. While she’s in the sky, she’s CC immune and can move and aim freely. When she throws the black hole, it deals damage, then pulls enemies towards the center. Nut then returns to her original location.

First off, this ability can’t be used as an escape tool very well, as after the cast, you fall back to where you started from. However, it can still get you out of sticky situations. The main use is setting up your and your teammates combos with a huge CC area, which is why Nut is unique among Hunters.

Presumably, Nut will be playable more like a caster with Intelligence items in SMITE 2, that’s why parts of her kit resembles Mages. However, for SMITE 1 she seems like an incredibly interesting character that will be difficult to play against and somewhat hard to master. We believe that she’ll be a great midlaner among her traditional ADC role – and we can’t wait for her to hit the Battleground of the Gods.

SMITE Nut Abilities – The Last God of SMITE 1 Has Been Revealed!
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