SMITE 2 Alpha Test Release Date Revealed!

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SMITE 2 Alpha Test Release Date Revealed!

The sequel to the Battleground of the Gods has been announced at the start of this year, but now we seem to have an approximate for the first SMITE 2 Alpha Test Release Date!

While SMITE isn’t the most popular MOBA around, it maintained a steady playerbase for years now, even growing thanks to great updates and consol players. However, as the game was made in Unreal Engine 3, it has its limitations, and it can’t be sustained forever.

But the game doesn’t want to die in the foreseeable future, that’s why Hi-Rez Studios and Titan Forge Games came up with SMITE 2, an Unreal Engine 5 sequel for the game. Built from the ground up, SMITE 2 can withstand time ever marching, with great improvements from the first instalment of the third person MOBA.

SMITE 2 Alpha Test Release Date

While SMITE 2 was announced back in January at the SMITE World Championship, a release date hasn’t been revealed, expect that an alpha test for the game should become available sometime during Spring. However, thanks to the SMITE podcast The Backliners hosted by former pro player John “BaRRaCCuDDa” Slater and caster Ryan “Aggro” Bailey, we now have something closer to an actual release date.

SMITE 2 Alpha Test Release Date

In the recent episode of the Backliners, Aggro dropped the bomb on us: SMITE 2’s first widely playable alpha test will be released in March! This could mean the 1st or the 31st of next month – but as it’s the birthday of SMITE 1, it’s only fitting that the sequel would become playable around that time. The exact release date of the first game is on March 25th, so maybe that’s what Titan Forge Studios has in mind.

The developers have been releasing videos talking about different aspects of SMITE 2. From reworked gods to upgraded visuals and sound to a completely revamped item system, SMITE 2 is everything that we could’ve wanted, even if we don’t get our SMITE 1 skins (as it would take centuries to port them all over).

SMITE 2 should come with 25 available gods in the alpha, some of which have been showcased at SWC. However, Titan Forge Games said that they plan to add a god from SMITE 1’s roster every week until there’s 50 playable gods, then every 2 weeks, which means that after a few months, each SMITE 1 deity will be playable – so it’s only a matter of patience.

The esports scene of SMITE is also getting revamped, with the organizers returning to a grassroots scene at first, working with up-and-coming and existing orgs instead of franchised teams. This should breathe life into the competitive aspect of SMITE on both PC and consoles – as consoles are also getting SMITE 2.

It’s an exciting time to be a SMITE fan with Year 11 going full force and SMITE 2 just on the horizon. If you want to know more about the sequel to Titan Forge Games’ hit MOBA, check back to ESTNN in a few days!

SMITE 2 Alpha Test Release Date Revealed!
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