SMITE 2 is Officially Coming – And You Can Register for the Alpha!

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SMITE 2 is Officially Coming – And You Can Register for the Alpha!

After the datamining info yesterday, Titan Forge Games confirmed that SMITE 2 is coming this year with revamped engine and graphics, reworks, and a new playable god!

Yesterday, we told you about the leaks that SMITE Datamining did about the revamp/remake/sequel of SMITE, Hi-Rez Studio’s and Titan Forge Games’ third-person MOBA. The community thought that if SMITE 2 is coming, it should be officially announced on the first day of the SMITE World Championships – which is January 12th – or not be announced at all.

SMITE 2 Chaac

Thankfully, the developers behind the best TPS MOBA in the world delivered: SMITE 2 is officially announced, and everyone can wishlist it on STEAM, as well as register for a chance to play the Alpha build!

SMITE 2 is Officially Coming – and We’re Extremely Hyped

SMITE is a game that has been around for more than 10 years, with it’s official 10th Season this year. While the game held up well for one made in Unreal Engine 3, there was no way to port it over to UE4 like you can make the jump from UE4 to UE5 (as have many games, such as Fortnite and Counter-Strike). It also had a loyal, but stagnant playerbase, and mostly on consoles, even though the esports scene of the game is on PC.

SMITE 2 Anubis

This version of SMITE will be rebuilt from the ground up and modernized – not just graphically. A number of gods will have their kit updated, one of which was even showcased at SWC: Ymir, the most iconic character in SMITE will get a new mechanic, where casting his Ice Wall under himself will launch him forward, giving some mobility to an otherwise immobile Guardian.

SMITE 2 will also introduce a new god who has been asked for years now: Hecate, the goddess of boundaries, transitions, magic, necromancy and ghosts. Hecate will most likely be a mage meant for the midlane, and the description that the official SMITE X account gave her suggests that she will be incredibly mobile.

Outside of god tweaks/reworks and new graphics, SMITE 2 will change the way SMITE is played. Gold Fury will hold game-changing buffs akin to League of Legends’ Elemental Drakes, the Relic system is removed and replaced by… ACTIVE ITEMS! It only took 12 years for the developers to implement Active Items to SMITE, which should change up the flow of matches, especially teamfights.

The Conquest map will also change. A Bush system will be implemented to make the jungle a field for even more tactical play, Portals will make returning to lanes easier, while the jungle camps also change. Interesting mechanics have also been revealed such as new minion types and a gate that can be opened by paying HP.

The only thing that’s not clear from the information relayed by Titan Forge Games is if players will keep all of their skins. Remaking a whole game in a new engine is a task on it’s own, and SMITE 1 has an insane amount of skins. While it’s definitely doable as Counter-Strike and Fortnite have both done it, Titan Forge Games is much smaller than Valve and Epic – but let’s stay optimistic. It certainly would be a bad look for SMITE 2 if players couldn’t carry their skins over, which could soil the hype that already exists around the sequel.

Later, it was confirmed that old skins are NOT coming over from SMITE 1, only new skins will be added to the sequel – hopefully this won't set the hype of the game back too much.


Nevertheless, SMITE 2 is officially coming, and I couldn’t be more excited. As a long-time fan and players, it’s great to see that Titan Forge Games is doing the best they can to revitalize the game – hopefully, it can return to it’s former glory. Wishlist SMITE 2 on all the platforms, and register for the Alpha on!

SMITE 2 is Officially Coming – And You Can Register for the Alpha!
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