Here’s How to See Total Shorty Kills at Masters Tokyo

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Here’s How to See Total Shorty Kills at Masters Tokyo

Several VALORANT professionals, streamers and organizations have pledged to donate funds to mental health organizations on every Shorty kill at Masters Tokyo

Earlier today, Tarik “tarik” Celik pledged to donate $25 per Shorty kill at the current Masters event, joining other content creators, professionals and gaming organizations in VALORANT space to honor Karel “Twisten” Ašenbrener’s legacy, who recently passed away after long struggles with mental health. Shorty Kills at Masters Tokyo

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Players can keep track of Shorty kills from, a VALORANT statistics website similar to VLR. The number of kills is displayed on the top left side of the homepage of Rib, updated on every death that happens with the pistol called Shorty. 

Masters Tokyo is being played on the 6.10 patch, where Shorty still costs 150 credits and hasn’t faced the nerfs brought by the patch 6.11. Therefore, it is still a powerful pistol, being used in almost every round as a secondary weapon.

Donation Per Shorty Kill

This initiative of donating funds every time a Shorty kill takes place is inspired by Twisten himself, who did it earlier this year on LOCK//IN. 

After his passing, the idea of doing the same for Masters Tokyo was brought up by the VALORANT community. Alongside tarik, former Liquid coach Connor “Sliggy” Blomfield, Cloud9 player Nathan “leaf” Orf, Liquid player Elias “Jamppi” Olkkonen and many others have agreed with this initiative by pledging to donate €25 or $25 on every Shorty kill. M80, the North American Challengers squad, will donate $100 per Shorty kill in Masters Tokyo and Champions 2023.

After Day 1 of Masters Tokyo, there has been a total of 9 kills with Shorty. The event will last until June 24, and the secondary weapon will likely stack a lot of frags.

Here’s How to See Total Shorty Kills at Masters Tokyo
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