Valorant Patch 6.11: Pearl Changes and PBE Updates 

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Valorant Patch 6.11: Pearl Changes and PBE Updates 

Pearl is getting huge B-side updates on Valorant Patch 6.11 alongside Chamber buffs, and Viper nerfs on PBE

Valorant has announced updates on Pearl’s B site in the upcoming 6.11 patch – which aims to change the post-plant spam meta that has made the map the least favorite in the community. On top of these confirmed map changes, patch notes on PBE have also been unveiled, showing slight buffs and nerfs for Chamber and Viper, respectively, and gunplay adjustment while sprinting and on ziplines. 

Here are more details on the 6.11 patch notes –

Patch 6.11 – Pearl Changes

The B Site of Pearl has been constantly criticized since the map’s arrival in Valorant as it has promoted a “spam fiesta” in post plants. These new changes might bring a new look to how the map is played.

Valorant Patch 6.11 - Pearl B Upper Ramp

Credit: Riot Games

B Upper Ramp’s platform will be smaller, with the slope replaced by a smaller sub-platform. This will likely make spamming from B Long much harder, and players will struggle to get a headshot angle without the slope. 

Valorant Patch 6.11 - Pearl B Screen

Credit: Riot Games

The B Screen is now wider, shorter and has elevation points behind with two impenetrable platforms. This will make the extreme left side of the Screen safe for hiding without getting spammed, and players can hold an Operator angle from the elevated angle to stop attackers in B Long.

Valorant Patch 6.11 - Pearl Back Hall

Credit: Riot Games

The Back Hall sees some defender-sided updates, with a corner to hide on the right side and a wider entryway. 

Valorant Patch 6.11 - Pearl Tower Pillar

Credit: Riot Games

The Tower Pillar will now be much wider, giving defenders more space to hide and strafe. 

Overall, these updates will favor the defenders and make it harder to play for spam after planting the Spike. Moreover, the map is going to be disabled on PBE servers.

PBE 6.11 Patch Notes

The Public Beta Environment (PBE) is a testing server for Valorant’s new patch updates, and the changes are likely to be applied to the actual servers. Here are the recent updates on PBE’s 6.11 patch notes:

Viper Nerf

The fuel regeneration rate has been reduced from 5% to 3.3%, meaning this Controller Agent will take more time to bring her Poison Cloud (smoke) and Toxic Screen (wall) up. Moreover, the time to regenerate max fuel has faced a massive nerf from taking 20 seconds to now 30 seconds.

Chamber Buffs

The once overpowered Sentinel is now barely picked in both professional and ranked games and therefore getting a few buffs to make him a more viable Agent. 

Valorant Chamber Nerf

Credit: Riot Games

His Trademark (C) now has a bigger range before getting disabled, from 4000 to 5000, with now taking less time to be deployed from 4s to 2s.

The Rendezvous (E) will now allow players to instantly equip weapons after teleporting (when the teleporting animation ends). 

Lastly, the Ultimate Ability of the French Agent is getting a buff as Tour De Force (X) will have a 15% increased fire rate.

Shorty and Frenzy Nerfs

These two weapons have been part of the meta for a long time now, with Frenzy being a staple of Pistol rounds and Shorty making round-changing impacts as a secondary weapon.

In PBE’s 6.11 Patch Notes, the price of a Shorty is now doubled from $150 to $300. The pistol shotgun will now only have 6 ammo reserved (previously 10), and the damage range will be nerfed, meaning you need to be much closer to kill an enemy.

Frenzy’s spread and recoil have increased. Players will now reach maximum spread and recoil in 5 bullets instead of 6.

Rope Nerfs

Rifles, Classic, Frenzy, SMGs, Sheriff and Ghost are now going to be less accurate when going up and down ropes or traveling through ziplines. Walking and running through the ropes will have different effects on the accuracy – similar to walking and running on the ground.

Sniper and shotgun accuracy has remained unchanged on ropes.

Run-and-Gun Nerfs

Valorant has made significant changes to Error Power or Center Biasing on PBE, which is going to make guns less accurate when walking or running.

Other PBE 6.11 Patch Notes

  • Yoru’s clone or Fakeout (C) can now get concussed.
  • The timing of Omen's From the Shadows (X) voiceover has been moved forward
  • Combat Report will show the list of Dazed allies alongside the enemies

So far, Valorant has confirmed the Pearl map changes and the rest of these updates remain on PBE.

Valorant Patch 6.11: Pearl Changes and PBE Updates 
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