Shopify Rebellion VCT Game Changers Roster Released

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Shopify Rebellion VCT Game Changers Roster Released

Shopify Rebellion have just announced that it is dropping their GC Valorant lineup.

The Canadian Esports organisation has cut ties with their entire GC roster consisting of Horton, Erika ‘KP’ Lytle, Diana ‘sonder’ Zhang and Vannesa ‘panini’ Emo, Head coach Rob Kennedy” and Assistant Trial Coach Franklin ‘FIN’ Ascencio.

Through a minute-long video on X, Program Development Lead Dario “Tlo” Wünsch blamed the removal of their current VCT lineup mostly on their failure to acheive their goal of qualifying for the VCT Championship. This news comes after the lineup failed to secure enough points to qualify for the tournament, as Dario also blamed the removal of their GC roster on not having enough ‘team culture’ they expected “to build the program on.”

Shopify Rebellion GC roster has performed pretty poorly in the current VCT NA Game Changers, failing to win the third NA game that would’ve allowed them to play in the VCT Championship. Besides, the org also recently announced its merger with popular streamer MoistCr1TiKaL’s Valorant team in September last month.

Shopify Rebellion to Return For VCT 2024

Fans of the Shopify Rebellion brand shouldn’t be disappointed as Dario promised that the organisation will return to compete in Challengers Circuit, but with a different lineup. “While we’re still evaluating our position in [VCT] Game Changers, our intention still remains to compete, and we will update you as soon as we can” revealed Dario.

We’ll definitely miss seeing Shopify’s mostly female GC roster compete in competitive Valorant. We wish the lineup best of luck ahead as they look to explore opportunities in other teams.

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