Sentinels’ LethuL & Royal1 Fined For Violating HCS Code Of Conduct

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Sentinels’ LethuL & Royal1 Fined For Violating HCS Code Of Conduct

The fallout from last month's geo-filtering scandal involving Sentinels player Matthew “Royal 2” Fiorante continues.

Halo Championship Series (HCS) league officials announced today that Sentinels player Tony “LethuL” Campbell Jr. and coach Chris “Royal1” have received fines following their conduct toward HCS Administration’s investigation. Both team members made their opinions known in early December when the HCS issued Royal2 a 45-day suspension for server manipulation. While it seemed the investigation concluded on December 12, that was not the case.

HCS Hits LethuL & Royal1 with Significant Fines

The news came via an HCS update post on Halo Waypoint. Halo Esports and Viewership Lead — Tashi — revealed action taken against the two Sentinels representatives, striking both LethuL and Royal1 with fines for their disparaging social media posts:

“Royal 1's conduct, as evidenced by his December 12, 2021 tweets, violated the HCS Code of Conduct, specifically Non-Disparagement and Treatment of League Officials. HCS determined Royal 1's conduct to be severe disparagement of HCS Administration and severe mistreatment of League Officials. Therefore, the Administration has issued a fine against Royal 1 for severe disparagement of HCS Administration, and for severe mistreatment of League Officials.”

The post also included LethuL but highlighted his actions across two days instead of one. While the HCS did not provide a figure, Sentinels player Paul “SnakeBite” Duarte indicated a sizable amount of money.

SnakeBite questioned what the Call of Duty League (CDL) fines look like for a frame of reference but said he would not publicize the amount:

“I won't share the amounts since it's their situation but to see my teammates fined more money than players in a established 25 million buy in per team LEAGUE after we come off of 2+ years of grassroots is interesting. Can fully admit a punishment is warranted but WOW.”

CDL player Sam “Octane” Larew chimed in, saying that typical fines in the league can be between $300 USD and $3K USD depending on the offense. It's safe to say the HCS dealt Royal1 and LethuL something close to $3K USD, if not more.

LethuL's Reaction

The always outspoken LethuL pulled no punches following the news. He reacted to the fine, tweeting a video of UFC fighter Conor McGregor laughing. LethuL then jokingly insinuated that the HCS would subtract money from future prize pools if he refused to pay the fine.

Players Beware

Considering their actions, most won't disagree with the HCS' decision to discipline Royal1 and LethuL. It's the only way to hold those involved in the league accountable. The HCS update post included a fine structure for social media misconduct:

Social Media Misconduct

  • Typical Minimum Penalty: $500 Fine, and/or Suspension
  • Typical Maximum Penalty: $1,000 Fine, and/or Indefinite Suspension

It's unclear whether this applies per post or how the league enforces this rule. Nonetheless, the HCS has stood its ground; players need to be conscious of their social media activity. Players like LethuL will more than likely straddle that line regardless of potential punishments.

Source: Halo Waypoint

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