Sentinels Eliminated from LCQ after Loss Against Leviatán 

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Sentinels Eliminated from LCQ after Loss Against Leviatán 

Leviatán puts a conclusion to Sentinels’ 2023 VCT journey by eliminating the North American squad in the Americas LCQ lower bracket

Fracture started with a strong lead in favor of Sentinels as they enjoyed a 6-2 score, only to win just two rounds after that. With a 13-8 start, Leviatán were looking much better than their series against KRÜ where the Latin Americans faced domination from Matheus “mazin” Araújo’s roster. Leviatán’s  Roberto “Mazino” Bugueño played a considerable role in such a strong form with 255 ACS and a K-D of 19-13, stopping every attempt from Sentinels on Brimstone.

Split was all about map control – Sentinels struggling to gain it while Leviatán took every inch they got. Sentinels attacking half started poorly, losing their eco round, followed by struggles executing sites and taking grounds. Leviatán enjoyed a great headstart after the 8-4 start on defense, winning the second-half pistol and bonus, showing a completely opposite look compared to the NA opposition. Playing Viper for the LATAM roster, Francisco “kiNgg” Aravena had an incredible performance on the map, with his utilities helping the team gain control along with his excellent K-D of 22-8, securing an ACS of 333. 

Sentinels Fail to Return to Past Glory

Sentinels are undoubtedly one of the top fan-favorite teams in North America, with a lot of expectations on the team consisting of Champions and Masters winners. Sadly, after their Iceland journey in 2021, this team has not found its way back to the past glory. 

This year didn’t start well for the squad, from an early exit at LOCK//IN to failing to secure VCT Americas Playoffs with a poor Regular Season form. A lot of changes in the team and the lack of practice were blamed by many for such outcomes, and this squad was expected to come prepared for the Last Chance Qualifier. After the 2-1 victory on their first single-elimination match against 100 Thieves, the roster looked much better than their Americas League run. However, Cloud9 didn’t allow Jimmy “Marved” Nguyen’s squad to stay in the upper bracket after the 1-2 defeat. 

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With Leviatán coming as the underdog of the encounter, the North Americans were expected to have little trouble winning the series – and now, after this LCQ disappointment, the team’s VCT season has come to an end since they won’t be able to compete in Champions 2023. 

Sentinels Eliminated from LCQ after Loss Against Leviatán 
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