S1mple Puts An End To Ongoing Speculation About Leaving CS:GO

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S1mple Puts An End To Ongoing Speculation About Leaving CS:GO

S1mple was rumoured to switch to Valorant after streaming it for many days.

Recently there have been a lot of rumours that Natus Vincere’s star player, Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev, may be switching over to Valorant while leaving CS:GO after multiple Valorant streams. In his March 29 Twitch stream, s1mple clarified his plans after being asked by one of his viewers if he would really quit CS:GO to play Valorant.

S1mple has recently helped Na’Vi to win at BLAST Premier: Global Final 2020 and BLAST Premier: Spring Groups 2021. He is one of the best CS:GO players in the world and has had incredible wins. In spite of that, there were certain rumours circulating of him leaving CS:GO, which he decided to clarify.

He said “Listen! If I were Astralis (the Danish CS:GO team) that has won four Majors, I would probably think about it you know. But now I have zero Majors. So I will keep grinding”. With this, he made it very clear that he has no plans on shifting to Valorant. Recently, many players have had their shift of interest to Valorant from CS:GO. So there were rising speculations of s1mple joining Valorant.

Na’Vi is all set for the ESL Pro League Season 13, with the playoffs scheduled to take place on April 3. S1mple is preparing for the league and is regarded as the second-best performing player with great recent performances.

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Lately, a lot of players and fans have been inclined towards Valorant and have left CS:GO behind. There were even speculations about Cloud9 shifting their interest towards Valorant after they decided to discontinue its CS:GO roster. But s1mple has no such plans and is focused on his ongoing tournament.

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