Cloud9 Takes A Break From CS:GO, Dissolves Its Roster

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Cloud9 Takes A Break From CS:GO, Dissolves Its Roster

Cloud9 has decided to dissolve its CS:GO roster due to COVID-19.

Cloud9 has decided to pause its involvement in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive until the conclusion of the pandemic. Jack Etienne, Founder and CEO of the North American organization, said the COVID-19 pandemic led to the decision to put the team on pause. The organization reportedly is unhappy with the recent results as the team members have been unable to practice together during the pandemic because of travel restrictions.

They went on to explain. “We remain passionate about competing in CS:GO, and once conditions allow us to work and train in the ways that we know help teams to be successful, we'll return to competitive play. We're grateful to HenryG and to the players for their work over the past few months, we'll be cheering for them in their next endeavors.”

All current C9 CS:GO players have been moved to the bench. They're are eligible to seek new teams after Cloud9 has decided to discontinue their five-month-long CS project and they will return to NA CS:GO when conditions are favorable.

An uncertain future

In September last year, the CS project of Cloud9 was founded, and it was handed to Henry “HenryG” Greer. He put his trust in Alex “ALEX” McMeekin for the leadership of the whole squad. The CS:GO community took interest in the Cloud9 Colossus project when HenryG made a shocking announcement. They would be making the salaries for their players public. Players’ salaries are often kept behind closed doors in the esports community. As such, it was just one thing Cloud9 was doing differently.

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Reports suggest that a colossal organization like Cloud9 is dissolving their once-successful CS:GO project, to solely focus on Valorant. This has come as a shock to the fans of the team. There were also reports of the players already losing interest in CS:GO altogether. And that they were willing to switch to Valorant.

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