Rocket League Season 11 Announced. New Rocket Pass, Modified Cars, Items and more.

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Rocket League Season 11 Announced. New Rocket Pass, Modified Cars, Items and more.

The new Rocket Pass has been announced with its release on June 7th

The Rocket League season 11 Rocket Pass trailer has dropped giving us an insight into what is coming from new cars, arenas and items to refresh your garage. The season is going with a Brazilian party theme and will have new wheels, toppers, boosts and paint jobs that will make your car stand out in-game. It will have a new arena called Estadio Vida Arena which is set in a seaside village with mountains and ‘soccar' loving fans. Many professional footballers were born and raised in favelas which are seen outside the arena and its long history of the football is a great way to incorporate it into Rocket League.

Rocket League Season 11 Rocket Pass

The Rocket Pass will have the Nissan Silvia S13. This Japanese car is famous for its speed and agility alongside its upgradability which makes it one of the most known JDM cars. It will use the Hybrid hitbox which is one of the more popular choices for players to use. The premium version of the car is the Nissan Silva RLE which will have its own custom set of wheels that are miss matched which will give it a drift car theme. It will also have a custom hood scoop, a rear wing and carbon fibre parts to give it the ultimate modified look. Both cars will be available in the Premium Rocket Pass which will cost 1000 credits.

Season 11 Rocket Pass Rewards

All items featured in the images below will be unlocked between these ranks.

Alongside purchasing the Rocket Pass you will also unlock the new player anthem Não Sei Parar which was produced by Bhaskar and Afterclapp.

Rank 1-10


Rank 11-20








Rank 21-30


Rank 31-40


Rank 41-50


Rank 51-60


Rank 61-70


After all the grinding to complete Rocket Pass, you will be rewarded with the smoke trail, and maelstrom wheels to go with the Nissan Silvia RLE to complete the look.

All items and more will be available as you rank up giving you XP boosts, Loot drops and credits allowing you to get your money back in order to purchase more items or the following season.

As you advance past level 70 you will continue unlocking more rewards and items that will be of different colour variants for you to add to your collection and gives you more varieties when it comes to customising your car.

New tournament awards are coming as well with a new Hot ‘Za topper, Falming Fork Antenna, and Unicorn Juice Boost. Blackmarket rewards which are very rare will include Chemegy Goal Explosion and the animated Autobahn Decal.

Rocket League Season 11 Starter Packs

Two new starter packs are a great way for new players to unlock a bundle of rewards out of the gate to give them a non-default look and expand their garage inventory.

The Elite pack includes the Cobalt Dominus car, Black Sun Ray Boost, Lime Astro CSX Inverted Wheels and Crimson Meteor Storm Goal explosion.


The Rookie Pack includes the Masamune Car, Dunk Decalm Friction Trail, Calculated Banner and Spiralis wheels.


The trailer is available to watch below and will give you a closer look at the new arena, goal explosions, trails, boosts and decals in action. This trailer also shows you the new audio track which you can use in the game.


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Rocket League Season 11 Announced. New Rocket Pass, Modified Cars, Items and more.
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