Rocket League Rising Stars Odyssey #1 Main Event – Team Vitality Take Gold In First Odyssey Tournament

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Rocket League Rising Stars Odyssey #1 Main Event – Team Vitality Take Gold In First Odyssey Tournament

Rising Stars Odyssey is a B-Tier European bubble tournament hosted by Rocket Baguette.

The Rising Stars Odyssey Main Event took place on the 23rd of April after the Open Qualifiers that allowed 12 teams from all over Europe a chance to compete against some of the top European RLCS teams. $14,000 was up for grabs for the remaining 16 teams left in the tournament. Moist Esports, Team Vitality, G1, and Karmine Corp (who are all from RLCS) were all invited to the main event. Not only is this a great place for them to keep up to pace when the RLCS season is on its break it is also a good place for smaller teams to gain valuable experience against the current top teams in Europe.

Rising Stars Odyssey Prize Pool

A $14,000 (USD) prize pool was up for grabs with the remaining 16 teams all in contention of winning.

1st Place – $6,000

2nd Place – $3,000

3rd and 4th Place – $1,500

5th – 8th Place – $500

Round 1

Karmine Corp 4-0 Chickens. With Karmine Corp being the recent RLCS Winter Major winner this comes as no surprise with Chickens being a small non-RLCS team.

Monaco Esports 4-2 Guild Esports. With Monaco Esports being the more experienced team Guild Esports did a great job in winning 2 out of the 6 games played in this matchup.

Moist Esports 4-0 Rapido. With Rapido having no RLCS experience it is no surprise that last year's RLCS Spring Major winners (Moist Esports) won all 4 games played.

Williams Resolve 4-1 WYLDE. After Williams Resolve had an impressive Open Qualifier it is no surprise that they came back on day 2 and beat the Lower Bracket winners WYLDE.

Team Vitality 4-0 Good Day! Another matchup that shows what this tournament is all about. Despite Good Days! lack of experience in the competitive team they were given the chance to show what they can do against one of the top RLCS teams.

SK Gaming 4-2 Endpoint CeX. One of the more even matches in Round 1. SK Gaming took the win and moved on to the Quarterfinals.

G1 4-0 FUFAXDOP. G1 were invited to take part in this tournament as they are known faces in RLCS. It comes as no surprise that they knocked FUFAXDOP out in only 4 games with their lack of S-Tier tournament participation.

SUHHH 3-4 Celestials. This was the closes matchup in Round 1 as both teams are on a similar level with them coming through the Lower Bracket Finals in the Open Qualifier.


Karmine Corp 2-4 Monaco Esports. Karmine Corp are the most recent RLCS Winter Major Winners but unfortunately, they get knocked out by Monaco Esports leaving them with a $500 reward.

Moist Esports 4-2 Williams Resolve. With Moist Esports being one of the most mechanically advanced teams they managed to knock out Williams Resolve comfortably.

Team Vitality 4-2 SK Gaming. SK Gaming got knocked out after getting an impressive 2 wins against one of the strongest teams in the tournament.

G1 4-3 Celestials. Despite Celestials' lack of experience, they did an excellent job in nearly knocking G1 out of this tournament. They look to be a strong team who have more to bring in the future.


The Semifinals started and only 4 teams remained. All of these are known RLCS teams with a smaller stage to prove themselves on.

Monaco Esports 2-4 Moist Esports. 

Team Vitality 4-2 G1

Grand Final

Moist Esports 1-4 Team Vitality. The last time these teams matched up Team Vitality won 4-2. Moist Esports dropped back and missed out on a chance to redeem themselves and walked away from the tournament with $3,000.

Rising Stars Odyssey Where To Watch

With the tournament now over you can head over to The Rocket YouTube channel where both Semifinals and the Grand Final are available to watch alongside two other matches from the tournament.

Rising Stars Odyssey Future Events

Rising Stars Odyssey #2 is set to start on the 3rd of June. Teams are able to register online here before the event starts. The next lineup for invited teams isn't yet confirmed but expect more teams of a higher calibre to be involved as this tournament series grows.

Rocket League Rising Stars Odyssey #1 Main Event – Team Vitality Take Gold In First Odyssey Tournament
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