RLCS Spring Split Major – International LAN. Teams, Schedule, Results, How to Watch and More.

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RLCS Spring Split Major – International LAN. Teams, Schedule, Results, How to Watch and More.

The RLCS 2022-23 Spring series comes to an end with the international major with big money and points up for grabs.

After two long months, the spring series has seen teams all over the world compete for a spot at the Spring Major. We have seen the likes of Team Vitality sweeping the floor in the European Brackets with a win in every series and three different teams take wins in North America. All teams have competed to gain points in order to qualify for the Spring Major.

This tournament is a great place for teams in the smaller regions to show off their skills in hopes they can grab the top prizes from the bigger teams. Team Vitality, Spacestation Gaming and Complexity are teams that are expected to do well in this competition but underdogs such as KRÜ Esports and Ground Zero Gaming could also grab some wins if they can perform at their highest ability. This is each team's final chance to qualify for the World Championship if they haven't already. With lots of prizes up for grabs and spots left this isn't a tournament any Rocket League fan would want to miss out on.

This event will be hosted in Boston, Massachusetts at the Agganis Arena. LAN events give every team a better experience compared to the usual online games they play for regional matches. Also, the atmosphere in the stands can give people a boost but not everyone can handle the pressure of performing in front of thousands of fans in the arena. Tickets are still available for Saturday and Sunday for anyone who is wanting to still attend. Thursday and Friday will be played behind closed doors on live streams. Twitch drops will be available for viewers and will be awarded based on watch times. These can give you some new rewards to add to your garage.

RLCS Spring Split Major International LAN 2023 – How To Watch

RLCS Spring Split Major International LAN 2023 – List Of Teams

RLCS Spring Split Major has teams from all six continents that compete in RLCS. The two bigger continents Europe and North America will have five teams who are top of the rankings for that region. Oceania and Soth America will have two competing teams whereas Asia-Pacific and MENA will only have one team competing. This brings the total to 16 teams.

All teams have qualified for this competition by earning the most points in their respective region during the Spring Series.

  • Team Vitality (EU)
  • Team BDS (EU)
  • Karmine Corp (EU)
  • Team Liquid (EU)
  • Moist Esports (EU)
  • Spacestation Gaming (NA)
  • FURIA Esports (NA)
  • OpTic Gaming (NA)
  • Complexity Gaming (NA)
  • Gen.G Mbil1 Racing (NA)
  • Ground Zero Gaming (OCE)
  • PWR (OCE)
  • KRÜ Esports (SAM)
  • Ninjas in Pyjamas (SAM)
  • Rule  One (MENA)
  • Elevate (APAC)

RLCS Spring Split Major International LAN 2023 – Prize

A Prize pool of $310,000 is up for grabs with the last 16 teams all taking home money. The higher position you get the more money your team will earn. Also, you will gain RLCS Points based on your final position. As this is a Major more money and points are up for grabs.

  • 1st Place – $100,000 + 48 RLCS Points
  • 2nd Place – $60,000 + 40 RLCS Points
  • 3rd Place – $30,000 + 2 RLCS Points
  • 4th Place – $24,000 + 26 RLCS Points
  • 5th-6th – $18,000 + 22 RLCS Points
  • 7th-8th – $12,000 + 18 RLCS Points
  • 9th-12th – $6,000 + 12 RLCS Points
  • 13th-16th – $3,000 + 8 RLCS Points

RLCS Spring Split Major International LAN 2023 – Format

Upper Bracket Round 1 and Quarterfinals are Best of 5. Semifinals and Finals are Best of 7.

Lower Bracket Rounds 1,2 and 3 are Best of 5. Quarterfinals, Semifinals and Finals are Best of 7.

Grand Finals are Best of 7. The lower bracket team must win 2 Best of 7 series.

Day 1, Thursday, July 6th (Upper Bracket Round 1/ Quarterfinals)

Upper Bracket Round 1

  • Team Vitality 3-1 Elevate
  • Complexity 3-2 Team Liquid
  • Team BDS 3-1 Gen.G
  • KRÜ Esports 1-3 Rule One
  • Spacestation Gaming 3-1 PWR
  • Karmine Corp 3-2 Ground Zero
  • FURIA Esports 1-3 Moist Esports
  • OpTic Gaming 3-1  Ninjas in Pyjamas

Upper Bracket Quarterfinals

  • Team Vitality 3-2 Complexity
  • Team BDS 3-0 Rule One
  • Spacestation Gaming 1-3 Karmine Corp
  • Moist Esports 3-1 OpTic Gaming

Day 2, Friday, July 7th (Lower Bracket Round 1/ Quarterfinals)

Lower Bracket Round 1

  • Elevate 0-3 Team Liquid
  • Gen.G 3-1 KRU Esports
  • PWR 3-1 Ground Zero
  • FURIA 1-3 Ninjas in Pyjamas

Lower Bracket Round 2

  • OpTic Gaming 2-3 Team Liquid
  • Spacestation 2-3 TBA
  • Rule One 3-2 PWR
  • Complexity 3-1 Ninjas in Pyjamas

Eliminated Teams

  • Elevate
  • KRU Esports
  • Ground Zero
  • OpTic Gaming
  • Spacestation Gaming
  • PWR
  • Ninjas in Pyjamas

Day 3, Saturday, July 8th (Upper Bracket Semifinals/ Lower Bracket Round 3/ Quarterfinals)

Lower Bracket Round 3

  • Team Liquid 2-3 Gen.G
  • Rule One 3-1 Complexity

Upper Bracket Semifinals

  • Team Vitality 1-4 Team BDS
  • Karmine Corp 4-1 Moist Esports

Lower Bracket Quarter Finals

  • Team Vitality 4-0 Gen.G
  • Moist Esports 2-3 Rule One

Eliminated Teams

  • Gen.G
  • Moist Esports

Day 4, Sunday, July 9th (Lower Bracket Semifinals/ Finals)

Upper Bracket Final

  • Team BDS 3-2 Karmine Corp

Lower Bracket Semifinal

  • Team Vitality 4-0 Rule One

Lower Bracket Final

  • Karmine Corp 3-4  Team Vitality

Grand Final

  • Team BDS 2-4 Team Vitality (Lower Bracket team wins. Bracket reset occurs)
  • Team BDS 1-4 Team Vitality

Team Vitality sweep the Spring Series winning all four of the tournaments they were involved in. In the spring series, they won a grand total of $190,000 and 120 RLCS points which allowed them to come second in the European ranking guaranteeing them a spot in the RLCS World Championship in August. This will be known as one of the most historic wins for a European RLCS team for years to come.

RLCS Spring Split Major International LAN 2023 – Accolades

  • 1St Place – Team Vitality – $100k + 48 RLCS Points
  • 2nd Place – Team BDS – $60k + 40 RLCS Points
  • 3rd Place – Karmine Corp – $30k + 32 RLCS Points


  • Spring Major Offensive MVP – Zen (Team Vitality)
  • Spring Major Defensive MVP – Rw9 (Rule One)
  • Spring Major MVP – Zen (Team Vitality)

The RLCS World Championship will start on the 3rd of August and will be hosted in Düsseldorf, Germany. Eight teams have already earned their spots in the group stages while sixteen teams have a wildcard spot to try and make it into the group stages.

This competition will have a prize pool of $2,100,000 making it the highest-paying rocket league tournament in the whole of RLCS.

RLCS Spring Split Major – International LAN. Teams, Schedule, Results, How to Watch and More.
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