Rivalry and MoonDuck TV Announce Partnership for The International 9

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Rivalry and MoonDuck TV Announce Partnership for The International 9

Dota's $33.5 million The International tournament is one of the most impactful and most viewed esports events in the world. Commonly referred to as TI, the main event will be taking place in Shanghai, China during this week. Not everyone is willing to stay up until 4 am just to watch a tournament live in Asia. To combat this issue of missing out on the experience, MoonduckTV, a respected broadcaster in Dota 2, has announced a partnership with Rivalry.com to fill the void for western audiences.

The Jungle Jam in Denver, Colorado is an event for Dota 2 fans that don't want to ruin their sleep schedule but want to experience the action. Due to time differences, the event won't be broadcasting the coverage live, but they will have delayed coverage while their talent casts and completes the live event experience.

There is no word on how many people will attend, but thousands will be watching online through Twitch to get the full TI experience that so many will miss. Rivalry.com and MoonduckTV are working to fill a gap in the Dota community for the western audience, those who don't want to watch the games but want to experience the event as a whole.

The main event of TI9 started on the 20th and will last until the 25th when the finals take place. You can get your tickets for the event on MoonduckTV's website in both event packages and single-day tickets. They will be streaming on Twitch as well so if you can't make it out, at least tune in for the excitement!

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