#RIPFortnite Trends On Twitter, Pro Players Demand Season 6 Changes

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#RIPFortnite Trends On Twitter, Pro Players Demand Season 6 Changes

Competitive players react to Season 6 and the state of Fortnite.

It is not unusual to see professional Fortnite players critique the game that they play competitively between eight and twelve hours per day. In fact, top competitors often publicly bash the developers for perceived poor decisions regarding tournaments and Fortnite itself. Their frustration may have boiled over today. Many professional players sparked a social media trend, informing thousands of how much they dislike Season 6 and the game’s general direction. Pleas for Epic Games to change this season have begun, and they are insurmountable.

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Season 6 Anger – Primal Shotgun & Crafting

The developers unleashed Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 6, which brought new mechanics like weapon crafting and animal taming to the table. Although odd choices, they fit into Season 6’s “Primal” theme. Unfortunately, many of the game’s most well-known players have taken issue. Most concerns lie within the tiring crafting system and perhaps the most powerful shotgun in Fortnite history. The crafting system forces players to find more resources on top of building material for it to be valid.

Utilizing Fortnite’s new mechanic is almost a necessity at times because of the underwhelming Makeshift weapons – another feature added in Season 6. Players must use Mechanical Parts obtained from cars to create regular Assault Rifles and Shotguns, while Animal Bones are for new Primal weapons. The Primal Shotgun is another significant concern amongst players. It’s dangerous in everyone’s hands, as shown in the clip above, and can dispatch an opponent in mere seconds. Opinions started formulating, causing several recognizable players to ask that Epic either change this season or revert to Season 5.

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Players Sound Off

Multiple-time Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) Finalist and Season 5 runner-up Evan “Cented” Barron used Twitter to vent his frustrations. “REVERT TO LAST SEASON THIS ONE IS HORRIBLE @FNCompetitive YOUR WHOLE COMMUNITY IS COMPLAINING,” he wrote emphatically. The hashtag #ripfortnite received nearly 3k tweets in under an hour after the competitive scene began its tirade. Their reaction occurred hours after professional player Cody “Clix” Conrod revealed that Epic would ban him if he continued to play wager matches. Season 6, mixed with the Terms of Service (TOS) enforcement, created a movement.

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Will Epic Acknowledge the Hashtag?

Fortnite’s competitive scene has called out Epic Games many times in the past. The developers adhere to concerns in severe conditions, but tweeting #ripfortnite certainly won’t change anything. Epic lived through Season X and the overpowered mech suits, so backlash is nothing new to the team. Nonetheless, the loss of wagers, number of stream snipers, game’s state and competitive lull have combined into one force of despair.

There’s Still Hope

Despite the typical Fortnite community response, Epic has shown that they want to listen. The last few competitive seasons saw multiple overpowered items exit their respective loot pools to improve the game. Shockwaves went away in Season 5, and it was exceptional. Season 6 marked the first-ever ‘Competitive Preseason,’ where players can play Arena Mode and give feedback to the developers. Less than 30 days remain until this season’s Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS), and the elite are begging for changes.

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