Riot Unveils First Strike North America for Valorant

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Riot Unveils First Strike North America for Valorant

Finally, details have been released regarding the North America First Strike Valorant tournament.

The next stage of Valorant esports is right around the corner, and the global tournament series First Strike is Riot’s first-party competition series. Beginning on Oct. 26, 128 Valorant teams will compete in an open tournament produced by Nerd Street Gamer. NSG recently teamed up with esports organization Renegades to host a $10k Valorant tournament and has produced a handful of other competitions during the Ignition Series. The Nerd Street Gamer Open Qualifier will boil down to the top 16 teams who will then move on to compete in the first qualifier on Nov.4. The NSG Tournament is where the 16 teams will face off for one of four spots to the main event and a chance at $100K. The next four teams in the rankings will move directly on to the Engine Media (UMG) tournament on Nov. 18.

The UMG tournament will have its open qualifier on Nov. 11 to give teams one more chance to make a statement during Valorant’s first year. At this open qualifier, only 12 teams will be moving on to the UMG Tournament joining the above mentioned 5th-8th placed teams. This premiere Valorant tournament hosted by Riot is the last chance for NA teams to make a name for themselves. Valorant First Strike, for North America, kicks off on Dec. 3, and it will be the center of everyone’s attention.

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Riot’s First Strike Valorant tournament is monumental and will set the standard for S-Tier tournaments for the budding esport. So far, we have seen esports organizations and companies team up to produce several Ignition Series events showcasing the fresh rosters that are being built. Most teams have a few tournaments under their belt, and First Strike will be the determinant of the best Valorant team in North America.

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