Riot Teases Next Valorant Agent And New Game Modes

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Riot Teases Next Valorant Agent And New Game Modes

Executive Producer Anna Donlon speaks to Valorant fans on Acts, Episodes, new agents, and more.

Valorant Executive Producer Anna Donlon spoke on the game’s future in a video released today by Riot Games. In the video, Donlon clarifies the difference between Acts and Episodes, and teases the release of the next Valorant agent along with upcoming game modes. Having just released earlier this month, Valorant currently sits in Act I of Episode I.

The start of Act I coincided with the game’s full release, adding Reyna as the newest agent. Since launch, the game has introduced new map Ascent and Spike Rush as an additional game mode. In today’s video, Executive Producer Anna Donlon details when new agents, maps, and game modes will be added to Valorant.

Donlon begins by assuring players that competitive matchmaking will be getting a few “quality of life” updates in the near future. Surrender and time-out options, as well as additional streamer protections, will be added to ranked mode alongside regular bug patches and balance updates.

Next Agent

Episode 01 appears in text above three boxes, one with a female Valorant agent, one with a silhouette and one blank
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“You can expect the next big content drop at the beginning of Act II,” Donlon states. Each of the game’s six-month-long Episodes are made up of three two-month-long Acts. A new agent will be released at the start of each Act, making for six new agents throughout the year. Valorant’s overarching story will also be expanded with each Act and Episode, with “significantly more to come” in Episode II. Battle Passes will be released with each Act, making for three per Episode.

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Donlon then explains that “major features” are likely to be added at the start of a new Episode, as Riot wants the beginning of each Episode to feel “significant, like an evolution of the game.” New maps or other major additions to the game will be part of new Episode releases.

New Game Modes

Donlon next touches on game modes. She explains that the Valorant team originally only wanted the game to have the main bomb defusal mode. After feedback from players, the team added Spike Rush as a more laid-back way to play. While not explicitly stating what new game mode Valorant plans to introduce, Donlon does say that a new mode is likely to be added “before the beginning of Episode II.”

Before ending the video, Donlon states that she feels the Valorant team has a “decent handle” on cheaters. But they are still working on tackling the issue of abusive players. “I made a huge commitment here at launch, and I mean it,” Donlon states. “I have funded an entire team of humans to focus on nothing else, and you’ll see their work rolling out over the coming months.” She then urges players to use the game’s report system should they encounter someone who is engaging in harmful behavior.

Featured image via Riot Games.

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