Respawn Working On Several Rampart Bugs In Apex Legends

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Respawn Working On Several Rampart Bugs In Apex Legends

Rampart’s release has brought about several bugs relating to her launch in Season 6 – Boosted.

Respawn Entertainment has confirmed that there are two bugs they are investigating related to Rampart in Apex Legends. Rampart’s release has brought several gameplay bugs involving her kit, one pertaining to her AMP Covers and the other with the minigun.

Apex Legends Season 6 has released plenty of new content to the game. There are changes the meta, adding a new Legend and more. However, no one asked for some key gameplay bugs. Unfortunately, these are standard when a new major patch drops, and developers spend the first few weeks cleaning of problems that couldn’t get picked up before patch day. Respawn are now working on two of the most significant bug offenders affecting people’s gameplay.

The bugs

One of the most significant gameplay issues involves Rampart’s Sheila. Crypto’s drone is designed for detecting enemy equipment. Sadly, Crypto is not able to identify what Legend is currently using a Rampart turret. The turret itself highlights, which is working as intended, but the lack of information on the Legend is a big deal.

Also, there is another Rampart bug, relating to her AMP Covers. There are many issues regarding this, such as shooting through two Amp Cover’s energy shields with the same round can cause a crash. On the other hand, players have reported errors relating to shooting AMP Covers in general.

Rampart bug: When 2 rampart tactics are placed and shot through, the player dc's. Happened in a real game and tested it out in firing range. from apexlegends

Respawn Entertainment on Twitter has mentioned that they are working on these two bugs. The developers will update us as they get more information on fixes.

But these two issues are not the only problems impacting Rampart. There are other issues causing errors or glitches when dealing with Sheila. One such issue is rather funny. Sometimes player models using Sheila can have their character's neck bug out and flail around when using the turret. It is not so much a big deal since hitboxes are the same but does look weird. On the other hand, if Rampart deploys the fourth turret while a player is already attached to the first one, it can cause player or server disconnects.

PSA: Don't place a fourth turret if someone is sitting on your first one from apexlegends

All in all, be careful playing with or against a Rampart. She is somewhat broken right now on the technical and gameplay side. No doubt that Respawn will have most of these issues fixed in no time. But we figured it is worth knowing about for now, especially if you’re debating purchasing her for yourself.

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