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Apex Legends Season Six Patch Notes Breakdown

Apex Legends character Rampart holding a massive gun and blowing a bubble with gum

Apex Legends Season Six patch notes are out ahead of the season’s launch on August 18.

Respawn Entertainment has released the patch notes for Apex Legends Season 6 – Boosted. The new patch notes details everything coming on the August 18th Season launch. The big changes coming to the game involve the release of Rampart, map updates, weapon, crafting system, which we already knew. However, there are even more surprises in store.


Apex Legends has made no secret regarding this season’s Legend. Rampart is the new Legend joining the game, and they are the minigun carrying, cover dropping tank character. The teaser showed off that her cover and walls are the main features of the character, without clearly giving off what exactly she did to the letter. However, we now have that information.

  • Passive: Modded Loader – Rampart has increased magazine capacity, and faster reloads using LMGs and her minigun, Sheila. The passive also improves the cooldown period on the L-STAR and extends its overheat limit as well. Rampart is the best Legend for this weapon, period.
  • Tactical: Amped Cover – Rampart builds a crouch sized wall with an energy shield at the top. The shield blocks incoming shots while letting allow fire out. Rampart can deploy five walls at a time.
  • Ultimate: Sheila – Rampart places a mounted machine gun that anyone can use, with lots of ammo and a long reload time. Rampart can deploy three turrets at a time.


A crafting wheel in Apex Legends showing small pictures of guns and equipment

Crafting now has a breakdown of how it works. Players will find crafting materials in bins and material stations. Players can then spend those materials on the available crafts at Crafting Replicators. The replicators as a mix of permanent, daily, and weekly items to craft. Permanent crafts include health and ammo, while daily items could be primary weapons, and low-grade scopes and other attachments. Weekly tend to be high-grade items, like epic knock down shields. Respawn has published a more in-depth blog post on crafting here.

Also, crafting is a way to buff the Evo Shield. Players will be able to buff their Evo shield at the crafting station. This is a big deal since all armor in the game except gold armor is going.


With that bombshell, it is time to explain what is happening with armor. Every armor item except Gold Armor is an Evo shield. Red Armor is not obtainable unless through leveling the item up. Besides, players will now start with level 0 Evo Armor. Players can begin leveling theirs up straight away in those contested hot drops scenarios.

Another big change coming is the Armor value nerf. Every piece of gear is coming down by 25 protection. The max you can get is 200 points of protection from Red Armor. Meaning that Gold Armor is the best drop for its perks, while Red Armor is the best for shield value.


The Recon Class is getting a big change. The power level of Pathfinder outclasses every other Recon Legend in the game. So, every Recon Legend is getting Pathfinders Survey Beacon ability. Crypto is going to have a bonus of making it instant if he uses his drone.

But Pathfinder is not getting nerfed because of these changes. Instead, for every Survey Beacon he scans, his grappling hook gains extra range, while his Zipline Gun cooldown is reduced by 10 seconds for every beacon he scans – up to six scans.

Bloodhound is also getting changes. Beast of Hunt gains extra duration for every time they get a kill or down. Eye of the All Farther comes out twice as fast during the ultimate and has a shorter cooldown. Bloodhound needs to be the ultimate tracker, so this duration will only make the Legends much more powerful.

Finally, Crypto is gaining even more tools for his drone. As mentioned, Survey Beacons are instant on his drone, but that is not the only thing coming. Crypto can also use respawn platforms for his team while on his drone.


Some minor changes are coming to loot, but the R99 is receiving a big change. The weapon is no longer a world drop, instead, moving to Supply Drops. Meanwhile, the Devotion is leaving the Supply Drops and becoming a world spawn. It is also worth mentioning that the Precision Choke is now integrated into the Tripletake and Peacekeeper by default, whit its toggle unchanged.

For more information on what to expect in Season 6, players can check the Apex Legends post here.

Image via Respawn Entertainment.

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