Respawn Entertainment Reveals Apex Legends Season 6 Boosted

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Respawn Entertainment Reveals Apex Legends Season 6 Boosted

Apex Legends Season 6 has officially been revealed, featuring Rampart, the latest Legend to join the game.

Respawn Entertainment has unveiled the first look into Apex Legends’ newest Season – Boosted. The theme of Season 6 includes the idea of building things and unlocking new ways to become the Apex Champion. This is on top of a new Legend, Battle Pass, Ranked Season, weapon and crafting mechanic.

New legend- Rampart

First off, Season 6 will release a new Legend named Rampart. Rampart appears to be an expert modder who gained fame in underground fight clubs. She also seems to love massive machine guns, which could potentially tease her ultimate ability. Either way, she seems to be the reason why the rest of the Legends have discovered what scrapping and spare parts can do.

To our surprise, Rampart has come out of nowhere. Season 5’S Broken Treasure implied a lot of information about Olympus and a possible Legend named Ash. Yet, there’s no news on when either of these two could become permanent additions to the game.

Crafting and more

Crafting is the next significant feature to come out with the game. Players will have the opportunity to scrap gear they don’t like. With the scrap, players can build something better. Although Respawn is yet to unveil how exactly that will occur, or what it is players can make from this scrap.

Good news for players who want to expand their arsenal, Apex Legends is getting a new SMG. The Volt is the latest weapon joining the game, and it packs a punch. What ammo it uses we are not sure, but it could imply we are getting another heavy ammo SMG. Either way, this is the first time Respawn has made an SMG as a new weapon since Snipers and LMG’s have felt the love so far.

Finally, the new Season will come with a new Ranked Season for players to grind, along with a new battle pass to commemorate the Season 6. No doubt we will get more Limited-Time Events announced the further we get into Boosted.

Season 6 Boosted will release on August 18. Expect to see more patch notes and seasonal news release days before the patch goes live.

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