Respawn Entertainment Reveal Apex Legends Global Series Partnerships

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Respawn Entertainment Reveal Apex Legends Global Series Partnerships

Respawn Entertainment has revealed twelve of the most prominent organizations in Apex Legends will partner together to promote the health of the game.

Respawn Entertainment has announced that they are creating a partnership programme for concerts relating to the Apex Legends esports scene. 12 different organizations are the first to join the partnership, with even more spaces open for organizations interested.

The 12 organizations joining the Apex Legends Global Series include; Alliance, Complexity, Gambit Esports, Luminosity Gaming, Natus Vincere, North, NRG, Rogue, Sentinels, T1, Team Liquid, and TSM. Respawn is concerned with the organizations in the scene, and looking for ways to help considering their first Apex Season didn’t go to plan. Respawn Entertainment aims to work with these partners to promote the health and growth of the scene. As well as gathering vital feedback. This is so both players and fans alike can get the most out of the esport.

Respawn initially intended the Apex Legends Global Series to run several online events. These were set to be followed by majors and other premier LAN events. However, Major One in 2020 was cancelled days before the event was set to start in March. The upcoming ALGS Summer Circuit playoffs begin September 12th-13th. The Playoffs is set to become one of the first significant events with meaning since the pandemic began. No doubt these partnerships will be important for accessing what works with the Apex Legends Esports Season in this uncertain time.

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Set for expansion at a later date

The Apex Legends Global Series partnership programme is also set to be expanded at a later date. Teams interested in the program can go here. As it stands, there is no real clarity on how the partnerships work other than internal communications between devs and organizations. There could be potential for this partnership to expand into a skin deal which happens in other titles, like Rainbow Six and PUBG.

Hopefully, the partnership between both parties can make Apex Legends a better title. Players involved in the deal may have input on how to make the game much better. As it stands, plenty of players are not happy about the current state of the game. This could be a perfect opportunity for pros dissatisfied with the current meta an avenue for better discussion. Either way, the future of Apex Legends is bright with the potential for this partnership to make the game better in many departments.

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