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Craig Robinson
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Apex Legends Armor Update Remains Controversial in Season 6

The game artwork for the armor available in Apex Legends

The Apex Legends community is not appreciative of the new Apex Legends Season 6 gameplay meta changes.

Apex Legends Season 6 – Boosted has brought introduced controversial changes to their armor and weapon meta. Respawn Entertainment decided that they wanted to change how armor works in the game. They aimed to reduce the luck players needed when it came to finding high-level armor, instead favoring for skillful gunplay to level Evo Shields. However, this has not gone exactly to plan.

These changes may have been good, but unfortunately, weapon changes have only exacerbated the problem. With the release of the Volt proving strong, and the Devotion becoming a base drop, with gold alternatives from Cargo pods, these weapons are destroying player shields. Furthermore, with the crafting in the game, ammo is hardly ever an issue. What we now have is a reduced time to kill with two energy weapons tearing opponents down. The result of all these changes introduces incredibly quick time to kill (TTK).

Furthermore, audio issues that have been ever-present in the game are only making it worse. One of the biggest offenders in this department is the Devotion sound bug. Many players have found that there are sound bugs with the Devotion, causing it not to make any noise on occasion. The silencing bug on it combined with its OP damage given the low shield value and incentive to keep hitting players to level up your own Evo shield means people are continually dropping. There seems very little outplay potential when both issues are up against you.

Players call for balance changes

Apex Legend players are calling for some weapon balance changes and some improvements to the armor system. Players feel that the current situation is resulting in a TTK meta. One of the features that made Apex Legends was the longer TTK; with the ability to manage resources, position and counterplay. With the low TTK, players finding that a lot of what makes Apex Legends a unique game is withering away day by day with this meta. The atmosphere among players and pros alike seem to suggest that something needs to be done to keep the game recognizable.

With no guaranteed fix in sight, it is leaving players and pros saying this could be the worst season of Apex Legends to date. This is a big shame, especially since the other seasonal features have been received rather well.

It feels like Season 6 needs to act soon. Otherwise, competitor BR’s may get more attention, which was precisely the case by the end of Season 4 of Apex Legends. It is ironic really since Season 4 first introduced Evo Armor in a Limited Time Mode. Either way, Respawn Entertainment has some work to do on correcting issues the broad spectrum of the player base has.

Feature Image: Respawn Entertainment

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