Refer a Friend Fortnite – 5 Free Rewards and QR Code

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Refer a Friend Fortnite – 5 Free Rewards and QR Code

The Refer a Friend Fortnite system is back, and it’s a chance to get a whole host of new free Fortnite cosmetics!

Every now and again, Fortnite runs some special promotions. We get our events like the Fortnitemares 2023 Halloween blowout but also some smaller promotions. One of the more difficult right now is Refer a Friend Fortnite promo. This is an event that Epic holds periodically. It has players invite a different user into the game to join in. If you can complete some select quests, you’ll be able to unlock the Fortnite Refer a Friend rewards. This is a great way to get some free cosmetics in game.

Since this is a challenge giving away free items though, Epic has made it trickier. The system is based on bringing a new player into Fortnite. The idea is that you convince a friend to join to get your rewards, they get hooked on winning games of Fortnite, and Epic has another long-time user.

The program is a little more compilated this time around. Players are already working through the challenges to unlock things, but you’ll also need to track down the Fortnite refer a friend QR code. This is how the whole event is going to work over the coming weeks and what you can expect to unlock with the Fortnite refer a friend rewards.

Refer a Friend Fortnite Promo

The Fortnite Refer a Friend promo is an event Epic runs to get new players back into Fortnite. It’s kind of similar to the Reboot Rally event where they task players with bringing back lapsed friends. In this one though, it’s new players Epic wants you to get involved. You can already start to earn exclusive rewards and there are still a few months to do the third round of refer a third.

Refer a Friend Fortnite

You’ll be eligible if you can bring in a brand-new player (or new Epic account) to buddy up with you. They have to be new or have played less than 2 hours of Battle Royale or Zero Build in the last 30 days. So, a friend who only goes on the best UnrealFN maps is eligible too!

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The promotion has you complete a few quests with another player in your party. At the end of it, both of you can earn exclusive skins in-game from the Refer a Friend Fortnite promo.

This is how you can do it.

  • Sign up to the Refer a Friend section on Epic’s website.
  • Invite friends via the website, sharing your Fortnite Refer a Friend QR code
  • Party up with them In-game
  • Complete quests
  • Get rewards

What are the Fortnite Refer a Friend Rewards?

That’s how you can take part in the Fortnite Refer a Friend promo, what rewards are actually waiting for you though? It’s a chance to get an exclusive free Fortnite skin. For each of the Refer a Friend Fortnite quests you complete, you’ll get another part of the rewards package. These are the rewards and the quests you’ll need to complete to unlock them.

  • Redcap’s Revenge Spray – Get a friend to sign up.
  • Wild Redcap’s Wrap – Play 1 game of Fortnite with eligible player
  • Portable Portobello Back Bling – Play top 10 6 times with eligible player
  • Shiitake Slasher Pickaxe – Eliminate 45 cumulative opponents with eligible players.
  • Redcap Outfit – Level up 50 account levels with eligible player.

Each of these quests in the game will give you another cosmetic. As with past refer a friend programs, this is an exclusive skin you can only get for free by completing the tasks. However, Redcap isn’t the most unique skin. He’s more of a different look or re-do of an existing skin.

It’s normal for the Fortnite refer a friend rewards to be based off of old skins. Especially since it’s free. However, Redcap is still a fun one to collect. As a skin you get for free too, it’s a great opportunity for most of the Fortnite player base. All you’ll need to do is share your refer a friend Fortnite QR code then play through some games to get these quests done.

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Refer a Friend Fortnite

How to Get a Fortnite Refer a Friend QR Code

The key to getting players to jump into the game with you is the QR Code. When you sign up through the official website, you’ll be given one of these codes to email and share with new players. The QR code is how you’ll invite players. Then, you just need to finish off the quests to get the free skin.

Can You Do the Fortnite Refer a Friend Quest Alone?

That’s how you can complete the quests to grab all of the Fortnite refer a friend rewards. How can you get it done though? The easiest way is to invite a friend to play with you. While Epic wants it be a new or returning player, there’s another solution to Refer a Friend Fortnite. There’s no limit to the number of Epic accounts you can have. They don’t do much to police it and players don’t get in trouble provided they’re not actively smurfing.

Team up with a friend and both of you can take turns getting invited on a new account and completing the quests together. It should be quick enough. What if you want to get it done completely alone though? You probably shouldn’t try it, but some players do use multiple devices.

If you have a second device that can play Fortnite, jump into an account on that game via the invite system. Then, team up with yourself, drop into a game. You can allow one character to die and simply complete the quests using the other account. This is a bad way to get the Fortnite Refer a Friend rewards though. Epic could detect the unnatural way you’re playing the game and not honour the rewards. It’s best to avoid this tricky way of completing the quests.

Once you’ve got through all of the refer a friend Fortnite rewards, you’ll get access to the unique cosmetics! This is a fun questline and if you can get a friend to do it with you, then you can both get a few extra items to get started in Fortnite with.

Refer a Friend Fortnite – 5 Free Rewards and QR Code
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