Red Bull Instalock Overview – Teams, Format, Prize

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Red Bull Instalock Overview – Teams, Format, Prize

Red Bull Instalock will be a fairly small Valorant tournament, but it will be a lot more interesting than expected. Here is why.

Valorant has a couple of big tournaments that people can follow. Even though Red Bull Instalock is not among them, this is a Game Changers LAN event that will be among the first competitions following the Patch 8.07 changes from a few days ago. 

There are a lot of interesting things we have to address regarding this Valorant tournament, so let’s learn more about them.

Red Bull Instalock Format and Teams

Red Bull Instalock is a tournament that will begin on April 20 and end on the next day. It will take place in London, the UK, and people can watch in real time in the Red Bull Gaming Sphere.

What’s special about this tournament is that teams will have to play 3 duelists. Speaking of the devil, we will see the following names in action:

  • Shopify Rebellion
  • G2 Gozen
  • Karmine Corp GC

Each of the 4 squads received an invitation to this tournament, so it will be very interesting to see what’s going to happen. Since there are just 4 participants, this event does not have groups. Instead, G2 Gozen will go up against GIANT GC, whereas Shopify Rebellion will play against Karmine Corp GC.

All matches except from the Grand Final are in Bo5.

Prize Pool

One of the reasons why the Red Bull Instalock Valorant tournament is not that big is because of the reward. These teams will compete for a 15,000 GBP prize pool split as follows:

  • 1st Place – £8000
  • 2nd Place – £4000
  • 3rd Place – £2000
  • 4th Place – £1000

Broadcast Talent

The broadcast talent at Red Bull Instalock is also interesting because it will have the following names:

  • Meg
  • Yinsu
  • Billiedk
  • Kairo
  • Hazza
  • Twiggy

How to Watch Red Bull Instalock?

If you want to watch this Valorant tournament, you will be able to do so on YouTube and Twitch. Don’t forget to follow each match and remember to visit ESTNN regularly if you don’t want to miss out on the latest information about Valorant.

Red Bull Instalock Overview – Teams, Format, Prize
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