PUBG X Messi Brings Fun Mechanics, Skins, and Cup

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PUBG X Messi Brings Fun Mechanics, Skins, and Cup

PUBG’s wrapping up its Halloween Dead by Daylight crossover but already gearing up for the next big event to hit the game. For PUBG Mobile, that’s going to be PUBG X Messi. The title is teaming up with the world-famous football player for a football-focused update just in time for the World Cup.

There’ll be skins, in-game content, and even a special esports cup to commemorate the crossover. PUBG is even getting special football controls. You’ll be able to use football-focused moves to attack enemies, score goals, and even get around the map in special vehicles. This is what’s coming with the PUBG x Messi Crossover

PUBG X Messi

PUBG X Messi crossover

PUBG is teaming up with Lionel Messi for one of its most significant updates. The content is coming with PUBG Mobile’s 2.3 updates. This update has been dubbed Football Carnival because of all the extra stuff hitting the title. There is going to be new limited-time items, skins and cosmetics, and an in-game event. The event is bringing something close to the World Cup to the title just in time.

What’s New in PUBG X Messi?

PUBG X Messi crossover

One of the headline features of this new update is going to be the Global Chicken Cup. This is going to be an in-game event that brings in football-themed gameplay. It’ll be running alongside the World Cup, so likely starting up. by November 20th.

From what’s been released so far, it looks like they’ll be football-specific gameplay. There are new controls that will activate once you pick up one of the new items, then you’re free to play football right in PUBG.

As with any crossover, cosmetics look like a certainty. They’ve already shown off in-game versions of Messi which are probably going to be available for purchase too. That along with football takes on the classic PUBG looks.

Promotional materials so far also seem to indicate there might be football-specific air drops and consumable items coming. That’s along with likely a football pitch-style area for the maps, and one big new POI where there’s a complete focus on football.

The Football carnival update is also supposed to be including some football-themed items for core games, like a new vehicle.  That part of the new PUBG X Messi content is similar to a baller. It’s a giant baller that you can travel through the map in. You can even have a teammate kick it, for a much faster rotation.

Until the patch fully drops, we won’t have the exact details and stats of the new items or events. However, from what’s been promised so far this definitely looks like an interesting update to the mobile Game.

Global Chicken Cup

PUBG X Messi crossover

The Global Chicken Cup is going to be a whole season of events during the World Cup. This will include modes and new maps. The area for the global Chicken Cup appears to contain a football pitch where players can actually play rounds of football. This will be contained in an entire football theme park. This is a new limited-time POI that’s coming to Erangel. The new spot has themed items and supplies which gear into the game.

There’s even a roller coaster in this POI that seems to work similarly to Fortnite’s Baller coaster. The big difference is that an actual football is the vehicle for the track.

PUBG X Messi crossover

The theme park features a recall mechanic where you can drop back in from the plane from the POI. Redeployment is going to make grabbing full kills quite a bit more difficult in this section. Although, this is also going to give players the freedom to enjoy the football content without worrying too much about getting picked off.

One of the most fun new items is the sports shoes. These are an equipable items that give you football-specific controls for when you’re heading to the pitches. With this active, you can kick footballs at enemies as well as take shots at the goals! When the football makes contact with an enemy, it deals a circular energy kind of attack. This is a really fun way of crossing over football with PUBG. It might not have the complexity of the latest FIFA, but this change looks like a lot of fun. It’s a unique way of bringing football-style gameplay into a Battle Royale, without having to move it off to a side game mode.

Alongside the football content, it seems that Aftermath is getting a decent change with this update, alongside new mechanics and a deeper change to the weather system. PUBG Mobile is growing all the time. PUBG Mobile x Messi looks like one of their most fun crossovers yet, though.

PUBG x Messi Crossover

PUBG X Messi crossover

Messi is currently rumored to be coming to Modern Warfare 2, with leaks saying both Messi and Neymar Jr are due to be added as operators. It seems like these two footballers might be playable in multiple shooter games in just a week or two! The reveal for the collaboration even had a very specific qualifier, “PUBG Mobile is the only mobile Battle Royale collaborating with Messi” Which leaves the door wide open for a non-mobile Battle Royale or shooter to be teaming up with the player alongside the PUBG X Messi crossover.

It is going to be hard for other titles to match this amount of football-themed content, though. The PUBG X Messi crossover looks expansive.

Messi is one of the most recognizable names in football. The player is currently part of the Paris Saint-Germain team. However, he’s probably best known for his stretch at Barcelona. Here he won 35 trophies and presided over one of the strongest periods in this club’s history, or in European football as a whole. He’s a great footballer to bring into the game to celebrate the world cup.

When Does the PUBG X Messi Update Release?

We know a bit about the content that’s coming with this crossover, but not specifically its launch date. It’s coming with the next update for PUBG mobile. We can presume this is going to be on or just before the World Cup kicks off on November 20th.

PUBG Mobile has had its fair share of crossovers in the past. Everything from Spider-Man through Neon Genesis Evangelion has hit the mobile game. This latest event should give players plenty to be doing throughout the World Cup.

PUBG X Messi Brings Fun Mechanics, Skins, and Cup
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