PUBG Dead by Daylight Crossover Coming for Halloween

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PUBG Dead by Daylight Crossover Coming for Halloween

A PUBG Dead by Daylight crossover is coming, both to PUBG and New State on mobile!

It's October, and that means games are getting their Halloween events ready. Soon, most titles will be filled with spooky limited time events. The PUBG Halloween event looks set to be one of the best out there. This year, they’ve gone even further. An ambitious PUBG Dead by Daylight crossover is taking place. This is going to be a crossover between the two franchises, and a fun mix-up for fans of both series.

PUBG has done Halloween events in the past. This one is a bit bigger though, bringing in content from another franchise entirely. Deadlight is an asymmetric multiplayer game that’s built around a classic horror movie structure. It is pretty different to the Battle Royale. However, the PUBG Dead by Daylight crossover is going to be combining the two with cosmetics and even a new game mode.

This event is taking place in PUBG itself. However, it’s also branching out to New State. The mobile PUBG add-on New State Mobile is going to be included in this crossover, with both versions of the game getting some Halloween themed content from the franchise.

This is how the crossover is going to work. Along with everything you can expect over the month from PUBG.

PUBG Dead by Daylight Crossover

The PUBG Dead by Daylight crossover is going to be a two-month long event. It’s going to start off on October 19. Although, as sometimes happens, the console version of the game will be launching at a slightly later date. That PUBG will get the Dead by Daylight crossover on October 20th. They’ll be running through till December 7. Console will be running through till December 8. This is going to be an expansive crossover.


One cool feature is going to be the skins on offer. Players will be able to get Dead by Daylight inspired cosmetics. These include four different costumes or skins. There are three masks. Three backpack skins. Along with a nameplate. Even a special skin for PUBG’s signature frying pan weapon! Dead by Daylight will be getting a cosmetic that can be unlocked by playing through PUBG too, so both franchises are getting something out of this collaboration.

The cosmetics are going to be one of the biggest pulls to the game. However, it isn’t going to be the only thing in this crossover. There’s more than cosmetics though. There are also going to be some changes coming to gameplay with the PUBG Dead by Deadlight crossover too.

PUBG Dead by Daylight LTM

PUBG X Dead by Daylight Crossover

The addition of skins is one thing, but PUBG is getting a new limited time mode to crossover with Dead by Deadlight. This is called Survive the Hunt. It’s a limited time mode which will be running across the event.

The game is an asymmetrical style multiplayer mode with only four players. Gameplay is similar to Dead by Daylight, players are trying to escape a killer while completing other objectives around the map.

Players are three-men to a team. You are trying to repair generators around a map. Once all of these are powered up, they’ll be able to escape through an exit gate that’s now opened. This all sounds simple enough. However, there’s a reason that players are trying to escape. There is a Killer on the loose, playing a role called tidily just “The Killer” . This is where it gets interesting.

One player is going to be the Killer. They are in there to try and hunt down the other three players it’s a race against time to eliminate them before the team manages to escape. This is an asymmetrical game mode. Players have two different ways to play. This is a game mode that is pretty similar in set-up to Dead by Daylight itself, but with that PUBG twist.

The LTM is going to be a must play while its active. This is how you’re going to be able to unlock some of the cosmetics included in the PUBG Dead by Daylight crossover. Rewards will be given for playing this game. You can get a mask, a spray, and even a skin. Although, the outfit you unlock isn’t in PUBG itself. It’s in Dead by Daylight. Players will be able to unlock a PUBG styled outfit in Dead by Daylight. This adds another level to the crossover.

New State Dead by Daylight Crossover

This PUBG Dead by Daylight crossover is coming to the main game, but also New State. The title is going to be receiving some Dead by Daylight content too. Although, we don’t have full details of this right now. We do know about some of the content. Specifically, some of the cosmetics that are coming to New State with the PUBG Dead by Daylight crossover.

One thing that’s been made clear about the New State’s content is the crates that are coming. These crates will have Dead by Deadlight themed items in them, alongside some that you can just buy. There could be an LTM coming here too though. It would be fun to get a similar serial killer horror style game alongside the main gameplay for New State.

New State is a new version of PUBG on Mobile. This game is a futuristic styled take on the PUBG format. It’s similar. Although, it is distinct from PUBG Mobile. It's proven popular since release. This is the game that will be crossing over with Dead by Daylight. PUBG mobile won’t be getting the same content.

PUBG Crossovers

The PUBG Dead by Daylight crossover looks exciting, but isn’t the first crossover in the game. In the past they’ve had similar events. They’ve even utilized some other horror-genre content in the past. PUBG crossovers have included Silent Hill and even Resident Evil. The 2021 PUBG Halloween event featured a unique map and drops, but this year’s event is going even further. Fans are in for some extra treats this year.

Be sure to jump in over October to see how the crossover effects the game and check out the Survive the Hunt game mode.

PUBG Dead by Daylight Crossover Coming for Halloween
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