Kickstart Joins Soniqs Esports

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Kickstart Joins Soniqs Esports

The SoniqBoom is about to get a Kickstart.

Kickstart departed from Luminosity Gaming last week after five months with the organization. He has quickly found a new home in Soniqs Esports, as they announced the news of his joining today. His joining comes several days after former Soniqs team member M1ME parted ways with the organization. 

Kickstart adds to an already stacked Soniqs Roster

Luminosity Gaming has had an up-and-down season this year, but there's never been a doubt about Kickstart's abilities. He currently sits at #8 on the Power Rankings. 

But Kickstart's not the only top-ranked Soniqs member. His new teammates TGLTN, hwinn, and Shrimzy sit at #1, #4, and #5, respectively. As we inch closer to the PUBG Global Championship 2023, it's hard to tell who is the number 1 PUBG team on the circuit: Soniqs or Twisted Minds. 

Soniq and Twisted Minds: Both easy contenders to win it all

Twisted Minds' Perfect1ks, Lu, spyrro, and BatulinS sit at #6, #7, #10, and #11 in the individual Power Rankings, with Twisted Minds currently sitting in #1 with more than a 50-point lead over Soniqs. 

Soniqs is fresh off a 1st place finish at PGS 2 and sits at #1 in the PGS Points Standings with 330 points. 17 Gaming is #2 with 260 points, and Twisted Minds is not far behind at #3 with 245 points. Both Soniqs and Twisted Minds have already qualified for PGC 2023. 

That's a stroke of good fortune for Kickstart, as Luminosity Gaming is no longer able to qualify for the PUBG Global Championship 2023 through PGS Points and will need to earn their spot with a first-place finish at PUBG Americas Series Phase 2.

We could be looking at an exhilarating finale to the 2023 PUBG season if these two organizations clash at PGC 2023. 

Kickstart can show off his skills as a member of Soniqs at PUBG Americas Series Phase 2. Soniqs finished second in PUBG Americas Series Phase 1 (Ironically losing to Luminosity Gaming) and are a favorite to hoist up the trophy at Phase 2, especially now that Kickstart is on the roster. 

Kickstart Joins Soniqs Esports
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