PUBG Americas Series Phase 2 Qualifiers Announcement Details

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PUBG Americas Series Phase 2 Qualifiers Announcement Details

Here's everything you need to know about the PUBG Americas Series Phase 2 Qualifiers.

PUBG Esports Americas teams have one last chance to rack up PGC Qualification Points. That last chance is the PUBG Americas Series Phase 2 tournament. 

Qualifying Regions

There will be a new breakdown of the North and South America regions for PUBG
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Beginning September 23, the PUBG Americas Series Phase 2 tournament kicks off with Open Qualifiers. A new format in the competitive ecosystem for North and South America is going into effect, starting with PUBG Americas Series Phase 2. Up to 160 teams from these countries and sub-regions can register their teams to compete. 

Tournament Format & Schedule

After days of fierce competition, 16 teams will battle it out to be the best team in the Americas.
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The Open Qualifiers will run from September 23 to September 24 with separate brackets for North and South America teams. There will be six matches on both days and a maximum of four rounds, depending on how many teams register for the event. 

After round 1 has concluded, there will be several days of rest before round 2 begins. The remaining 32 teams for both regions will compete against each other until half suffer elimination. 

Round 3 begins September 30 and will run through October 1 until eight teams from each sub-region emerge victorious. The eight teams from both sub-region Open Qualifiers that passed round 3 will face off against eight teams in the Regional Playoffs that qualified based on their PGS2 Americas Qualifiers performances. The Regional Playoffs will last from October 7 to October 8. The top-scoring teams from both regions move on to the PAS2 Grand Final on October 20, running through October 22.


There will be a $100,000 prize pool up for grabs.
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The PAS2 Grand Final has a $100,000 prize pool, with the first-place team taking home $25,000.

The 1st-place winner qualifies for the Grand Champion. The runner-up gets 270 PGC points.
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The PAS2 will also reward teams with 1,350 PGC Qualification Points. The runner-up will receive 270 PGC Qualification Points, and the 1st-place finish will earn immediate qualification for the 2023 PUBG Global Championship.

Additional details on PAS2 are forthcoming. Interested teams should register here.

 If you're looking for more PUBG action in September, don't forget the PUBG Nations Cup 2023 kicks off on September 15.

PUBG Americas Series Phase 2 Qualifiers Announcement Details
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