PUBG Nations Cup 2023 Announcement Details

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PUBG Nations Cup 2023 Announcement Details

Brace yourselves, PUBG fans, as the PUBG Nations Cup 2023 is fast approaching!

The tournament will return to Seoul, Korea, for the first time in four years. Sixteen national teams will compete against one another for a shot at $300,000 in prize money with additional crowdfunded rewards. The United Kingdom will be defending their title against 15 other hopeful teams. Denmark is a new addition to the challenger pool.

The PUBG Nations Cup begins on September 15 and runs through September 17. Fans will be able to watch the Cup on PUBG's official streaming channels and in person. Fans who attend to Cup in person can expect additional exciting events. More details will be revealed as we get closer to the event's start date.

If you need a PUBG Esports fix, the PGS 2 Qualifiers are currently underway. PGS 2 will kick off in mid-August.


PUBG Nations Cup 2023 Announcement Details
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