Team NAVI Returns to PUBG Mobile Esports

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Team NAVI Returns to PUBG Mobile Esports

After creating a fresh roster for PUBG, Team NAVI is doubling down on their need for chicken dinners this year by reentering the PUBG Mobile scene as well!


Team NAVI made the announcement earlier today, confirming they are coming back after leaving the PUBG Mobile scene in 2022. Their new roster consists of four Kazakhstani players: Gonzo, AXZCER, PSIX, and PUNCHER. FOURTI will be managing the new team. 

AXZCER, PSIX, PUNCHER, and FOURTI played together for Falcons White last year. They achieved notable success, winning the PUBG Mobile Pro League: Africa Fall 2023, placing sixth at the PUBG Mobile World Invitational 2023: Allstars Stage and thirteenth at the PUBG Mobile World Invitational 2023. After Team Falcons disbanded Falcons White at the beginning of the year, Team NAVI quickly scooped up the roster. 

Team NAVI's new team serves as a reunion for Gonzo and AXZCER, who played for several years together as members of Konina Power, with a notable 6th place finish at PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2020. After leaving Konina Power, Gonzo had short stints with several other organizations throughout 2022. Gonzo may have some rust he'll need to shake off, spending 2023 as a PUBG Mobile caster rather than a player. 

Welcome back to PUBG Mobile Team NAVI, and best of luck for the 2024 season!

Team NAVI Returns to PUBG Mobile Esports
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