Spacestation Gaming Rejoins PUBG Esports

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Spacestation Gaming Rejoins PUBG Esports

Spacestation Gaming is back on the PUBG Esports circuit.

The finale of the 2023 PUBG season is less than three weeks away. Making a shocking return to PUBG Esports as we close in on the season finale, is none other than Spacestation Gaming.

A Comeback Story in the Making

Spacestation Gaming first joined PUBG Esports in 2018. For years, the organization struggled to take off in PUBG and saw no Major victories. 

Their 2021 had some bright spots, with a 3rd-place finish at the PUBG Continental Series 5: Americas – Last Chance Qualifier and a respectable 5th-place finish at PUBG Continental Series 5: Americas.

Spacestation Gaming ended the 2021 season with a disappointing 16th-place finish at the PUBG Global Championship 2021 and announced their departure from PUBG in late January 2022. 

Spacestation Gaming Back in PUBG's Orbit

Spacestation Gaming's return to PUBG Esports comes after the acquisition of Friendly Fire's roster. Longtime fans of Spacestation Gaming's PUBG team will recognize some familiar faces. 

Now representing Spacestation Gaming are PaG3, PiXeL1K, Roth, Sharpshot, and head coach go_bang. PaG3, PiXeL1K, and go_bang are new to the organization, but Roth and Sharpshot are veterans who competed for Spacestation in their first foray into PUBG Esports. 

Roth and Sharpshot have grown immensely in the nearly two years since they last competed for Spacestation Gaming. They've stuck together since Spacestation released their PUBG roster and competed for Bing Bang Boom before joining Friendly Fire at the beginning of this year. 

Before joining Friendly Fire, PaG3 spent a lot of time building a name for himself as a member of Heroic Esports. PiXeL1K has spent time playing for SKADE, Vikurvi, and Mercurial. Coach go_bang was a longtime coach for The Rumblers before coaching for Friendly Fire. 

Friendly Fire has had a successful 2023 season, with consistent top placements in Qualifiers and a recent 1st-place finish at PUBG Americas Series Phase 2. Spacestation Gaming will definitely be a team to watch in PUBG moving forward. Best of luck to SSG PUBG 2.0!

Spacestation Gaming Rejoins PUBG Esports
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