PUBG: New State Reaches Five Million Pre-Registrations In A Week

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PUBG: New State Reaches Five Million Pre-Registrations In A Week

The new sequel of PUBG Mobile is setting milestones before its launch.

PUBG New State hits over five million pre-registrations in a week. The game posted from its official Twitter account expressing gratitude towards the players who pre-registered for the game on Google Play Store.

The new sequel of PUBG Mobile first posted its registration link on February 25. As of now, only Android users can pre-register for the game. Although PUBG New State has promised to make registrations available to iOS users, there is no official post or statement on it so far.

The team has also released a trailer of the new game, featuring the gameplay, map, weapons and vehicles in the new game. The New State iteration looks like a futuristic take on the existing PUBG Mobile game. Set in the year 2051, the game offers modern-looking weapons, vehicles and a new map.

A screenshot from PUBG New State, showing a FPS view of a player holding a scoped rifle standing in front of a building with a wall in front of it and the player's HUD.
Image credits: PUBG: New State Twitter

PUBG New State has posted few screenshots of the game on its Twitter handle. Judging by the screenshots posted, the game seems to have similar weapons with some design changes. With the mini-map on the right-hand side of the screen and overall changes to the map, the game looks more like COD Mobile. It is difficult to say, but Krafton’s PUBG New State might give some tough competition to Activision’s title.

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