“We Have a Very Strong Game Plan on Fracture” – Coach potter Confident on EG’s Map Pick

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“We Have a Very Strong Game Plan on Fracture” – Coach potter Confident on EG’s Map Pick

EG VALORANT coach Christine “potter” Chi comments on what makes Fracture an excellent pick for the team after dominating Liquid on the map

Evil Geniuses have won 8 out of 10 games on Fracture this year, securing an 80% win rate on the map. The North Americans have looked unstoppable on the map the three times they played it at Masters Tokyo, with scores of 13-5 against DRX, 13-7 versus LOUD and 13-2 facing Liquid in their recent series.

Unlike Liquid and LOUD, who have run the double-Controller composition on Fracture, EG have utilized the good-old FNATIC comp with a twist by picking Sova instead of Fade or KAY/O – a decision that received criticisms before the team’s records of success. 

Learning from FNATIC and putting their own spin on it has done great wonders for the squad, as the composition has allowed Alexander “jawgemo” Mor to have significant impacts on Raze as well as Corbin “C0M” Lee to shine since most teams have struggled to counter his Sova utilities on the map.

In a post-match conference, EG’s renowned coach Christine “potter” Chi was asked about what makes her squad perform so well on Fracture as the team came from a resounding victory against the EMEA champions. “Fracture is a map that really, perfectly fits into our play style. We've talked about the map extensively since the beginning of the year, and it's a very reactionary map, and it's a map that is nothing like any of the other maps in the pool, and we've really dissected it and figured out exactly how to utilize the Sova.” 

Evil Geniuses (EG) Head Coach Christine "potter" Chi

Credit: BeyondTheSummit

She also mentioned how the map is an excellent choice for jawgemo as a Raze player – “It's a really reactionary map; it helps out elevating players like jawgemo who, from the start, since he joined this team, was a very aggressive player. So, for me, it was my job to figure out how to highlight and elevate a player like jawgemo, and Fracture works out really well for that.”

Will We See EG’s Fracture against FNATIC?

EG and FNATIC will meet in the Upper Finals matchup to fight for the Grand Final spot, and the question is whether we will see Fracture getting banned by the Europeans in the Best of 3.

Similar to Evil Geniuses, FNATIC’s Fracture has also looked strong this year with a 4-1 record. However, they have played the map only twice since VCT EMEA, the second time being against NRG at Masters Tokyo, where the map ended in a 13-9 score in FNATIC’s favor.

We will most likely see FNATIC coach Jacob “mini” Harris and IGL Jake “Boaster” Howlett deciding to ban the map in the Bo3, especially seeing how excellent Fracture has looked for the North Americans. 

Even in the post-match press conference, EG’s Ethan “Ethan” Arnold mentioned the fact that letting them play Fracture makes winning the matches easier – “I mean, as long as teams keep letting Fracture through, it's gonna be pretty easy. So until they figure that out, then you know we'll keep on going.”

The super exciting FNATIC vs EG matchup will be taking place at 20:00 PT or 23:00 ET Tuesday, June 20. 

“We Have a Very Strong Game Plan on Fracture” – Coach potter Confident on EG’s Map Pick
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