Popular Valorant Map Disabled After Game-Breaking Exploit Found

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Popular Valorant Map Disabled After Game-Breaking Exploit Found

Riot has pulled a Valorant map from the pool to fix a critical bug 

Valorant has been forced to take swift action after players reported a game-altering bug. For the time being, they have disabled the popular map Split from Premier matchmaking. This comes after the discovery of a game-breaking exploit near the A bombsite. The exploit allowed agents to access an unintended location, granting them an unfair advantage. As a result, Split will be unavailable this week, with Ascent taking its place to ensure competitive integrity. The developers are likely working on a fix, and players can expect Split's return once the exploit is addressed in the next update.

Valorant Map Bugs Prompts Riot to Take Action 

In a recent announcement on X, the Valorant team revealed two discovered bugs: a game-breaking exploit on Split and a less impactful Cypher Tripwire glitch. The Split exploit allowed agents to reach unintended locations, offering an unfair advantage. While the Cypher bug displayed his traps on teammates' minimaps even after destruction, it wasn't as critical. To address these issues, Riot confirmed fixes coming in Patch 8.08. As a preventative measure, Split has been removed from Competitive, Unrated, Premier, Swiftplay, and Spike Rush map pools.

How the Valorant Split Bug Affected the Game

Popular Valorant Map Disabled After Game-Breaking Exploit Found

Credit: Riot Games

Agents with strong mobility like Jett and Raze could exploit a minor geometry issue near A site on Split. By jumping from Rafters, they could land on a small ledge on the right wall just beyond the attacker entrance to the bombsite. This ledge, normally inaccessible due to the sheer wall face, allowed them to gain an unfair advantage by providing a high vantage point to fire down on enemies.

Jett and Raze, with their exceptional mobility, could exploit a tiny ledge on Split's A site. By leaping from Rafters, they'd land on this ledge on the right wall just past the attacker entrance. This normally inaccessible spot offered an unfair advantage, letting them fire down on enemies from a surprising height.

This exploit offered a significant tactical advantage for defenders. Attackers approaching A main would be exposed from a surprising angle, making entry onto the bombsite extremely difficult. Even after securing the site, defenders could easily retake control by exploiting the same ledge for post-plant defense.

When Is the Fix Coming?

While Patch 8.08 wasn't expected for at least two weeks, Riot might expedite its release to address the critical Split exploit if they have a fix readily available.

Popular Valorant Map Disabled After Game-Breaking Exploit Found
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