5 New Features We Might See in Future Valorant Updates

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5 New Features We Might See in Future Valorant Updates

Here’s what we think are the 5 essential features that Riot Games needs to introduce in future Valorant updates

Valorant has been dominating the 5v5 Tac FPS scene for the past four years, establishing itself as one of the most popular gaming titles currently available. To sustain its relevance and continue rewarding its vast player base, Riot Games consistently introduces exciting new features, such as new game modes, maps, agents, and reward systems.

The global Valorant community still has certain desires that have yet to be addressed by the game developers. In this article, we will list the five critical features that have seen the most support from the fans to implement in the game.

Must-have Features in Future Valorant Updates

Of all the potential future features, the following five would be truly groundbreaking. 

Replay system

The replay system is by far the most sought-after feature in Valorant by pros and casual players. Valorant is a game where you learn from your mistakes. The best way to do it is through VOD reviews. The lack of a replay system, however, makes it hard to review your scrimmages/ranked games.

Luckily for everyone, Riot Games has already promised that a replay system is in development and will be available soon. Introducing this feature will significantly enhance the game's competitive nature, providing players with tools for self-improvement and strategic analysis.

Custom Aim Maps

For those familiar with shooting games like Counter-Strike and Fortnite, you know what aim maps are. These are training maps designed to perfect your in-game mechanics.

While the Range in Valorant is somewhat of an aim map with the bots and the targets, its lack of customization options diminishes its appeal. Customizing the map environment can help the players sharpen various aspects of their mechanics, such as crosshair placement, tracking, flicking, and more.

Pistol Deathmatch

Outside of the competitive matchup, the most played game mode in Valorant is the Deathmatch. Deathmatches are a crucial warm-up before diving into serious matches, so any modification to them is always welcome. Recently, Riot Games introduced Team Deathmatch in patch 7.0, which quickly became a fan favorite.

There is another Deathmatch variant players long for: Pistol DM. This mode mirrors regular Deathmatch but restricts players to only the four Pistol weapons available in-game. 

Although you can play with Pistols in regular DMs, going up against Phantoms/Vandals with a ghost barely improves your mechanics. So, a pistol-only DM will help players improve their aims with the secondary weapon and have success in the ever-important pistol/eco rounds.

Agent Skins

Skins can really spice up your gameplay experience. Riot Games has introduced a plethora of gun skins to their game and continues to release new skin lines every month. However, alongside weapon skins, many fans have been asking for the addition of agent skins.

Games like Counter-Strike, League of Legends, and Apex Legends already have this feature, and Valorant, with its roster of 25 agents, can easily follow suit.

Yet, introducing agent skins in Valorant can be tricky due to the game's agent-focused nature and the significance of character recognition. Altering agents' appearances could potentially impact hitboxes, visibility, and overall gameplay balance. However, if Riot Games figure out a viable solution, it would elevate the gameplay experience for Valorant enthusiasts.

Agent Ban System

With 25 agents already in the game right now and Riot Games’ plan to add a new agent every two months, the implementation of the agent ban system seems inevitable in future Valorant updates.

The ability to ban certain agents from a match would add a significant level of creativity to the meta. Esports, in particular, will benefit greatly from this addition, as it would disrupt the tendency to rely on the same meta strats repeatedly. Diversifying agent selections would also make the viewing experience more enjoyable for spectators.

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5 New Features We Might See in Future Valorant Updates
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