All the Game Modes Available in Valorant 2024

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All the Game Modes Available in Valorant 2024

Valorant’s enticing saga continues as we unfold all the available game modes in 2024

Initially gaining large-scale popularity due to implementing hero-type gameplay with each agent containing different utilities in a tactical shooter video game, Valorant has grown into a love letter for both competitive and casual gamers as we step into early 2024. A major contributor to this game’s popularity is the vibrant range of game modes our beloved developer Riot has availed in this game throughout the years.

Whether you are in the mood to have the utmost fun with your bros without having to worry about the outcome of your match or you’re planning to sweat so hard in a competitive game that you start burning calories, Valorant has something for you in the store. Throughout this article, we’ll discover all the game modes that are currently available in the excellent live service of Valorant.

Available Game Modes in Valorant 2024

1. Team Deathmatch

This is the newest mode made available to the much-coveted game, Valorant. In this 5v5 shooting mode, you’ll be placed in a team where you’ll battle against the foes to collectively obtain a higher amount of points and kills to win the match. At certain stages of the match, you’ll be allowed to customize loadout and gain access to your agent-specific abilities. “Fun” doesn’t begin to describe this game mode and the map, Sunset, exclusively made for TDM is cherry on top.

2. Unrated

This is what a typical Valorant match is about but without your rank and elos being at stake. You need to win 13 rounds before the enemy team to seal the victory. It’s an excellent option if you want to work on different strategies, and lineups, try out a new agent, and get familiarized with various maps. It is also an excellent way to bring the best version of yourself out by entering the much-desired flow state as you won't have to worry about the match outcome as much.

All in all, instead of rage queueing ranked games all day you can instead switch to unrated to reflect on your performance and work on various weaknesses.

3. Competitive

This is the core Valorant spike defusal experience. On the two sides, there will be respectively the attackers and the defenders. After playing 6 rounds the sides will get changed and the first to reach 13 rounds of wins gets to take the W. Take everything you know of the Unrated mode into account and add the rank element to it. There you go, you just described the competitive mode of Valorant. Each win or loss will have an impact on your overall rank points which will end up either ranking you up or down.

Please note, to play this mode You need to be at least level 20. We recommend playing Unrated until then as it will help you understand the various gist of the game with relative quickness.

4. Swift Play

Swift play is everything unrated but instead of 13 rounds, one only needs to win 5 to seal the victory. Since it is a much shorter form of tactical gameplay, the economy is tweaked, is generally much more rewarding upon gaining kills and winning rounds and way less punishing upon losses and deaths. This can be a short-fire way to get the benefits of a long unrated game in a tiny amount of time.

5. Spike Rush

Spike rush is an excellent way to have fun in Valorant when you’re having that excessive grinding burnout. It is much like Swiftplay yet it is vastly different. The first to reach 5 rounds of victory wins the match. However, on the attack side, each player will carry a spike in contrast to the one spike-only aspect of normal modes.

Furthermore, there’s no buy menu, the game will randomly appoint the same weapon to all the players in a server. One, however, keeps the sovereignty over utility usage.

6. Deathmatch

This is the go-to game mode for an average wary Valorant aspiring immortal, regardless of where they belong in the skill hierarchy. This game mode is the one that transforms a zero into a hero. Instead of shamelessly tilt queueing all day after conceding a loss, the true champions grind hours of aim efficiency in this mode of Valorant.

Twelve players compete against each other in this free-for-all mode. After a nine-minute game, the one with the highest kills or the first to reach 40 kills is made the winner. You can choose any weapon of your liking but to gain maximum benefit out of it consider using single-shot weapons like the Sheriff and the Guardian.

7. Escalation

Escalation is enough of a chilled and relaxed game mode for you to forget there are kids out there who treat this game as if their entire sense of self relies on it. Throughout the 12 checkpoints of this game, the player is upgraded to a different weapon as one stacks kill after kill. To seal the W, you or someone from your team needs to get a kill with the last weapon of all the twelve checkpoints before the enemy does.

This is fundamentally a gun game which according to many has been popularized by Battlefield 4. Regardless of which agent you have, there will be no usage of utilities. You have to understand each weapon to the maximum to make consistent wins in this mode.

8. Premier

This is Valorant’s way of availing a tournament system to its Playerbase. To take part in this coveted mode, a team consisting of 5 veterans is essential. Each cycle of Premier mode has a registration deadline which you need to meet in order to grace your effortful participation.

Each Preimier mode lasts up to 30 days. The map for the weekend will be displayed to you reasonably prior which will let you set expectations and prepare your best. Each tournament weekend will bring you two exciting chances in the form of matches to prove your excellence.

9. Custom

Nothing is stopping you from doing whatever you want in Custom; there is a reason it was given this name. You can either decide to be the server clown or the most sincere apprentice mastering every craft of this demanding competitive shooter. From trying out different tactics to discovering different lineups, the Custom mode should be your way to go if you want to maximize your efficiency on your road to reaching the treasured rank of Radiant.

People even use this mode to have fun with friends and other players by coming up with silly games that are a blast to take part in and spectate.

That sums up the list of available Valorant games in 2024. Please, bear in mind that this list is subject to change as Riot takes different measures to update their live service to retain the maximum amount of players by adding new game modes. Therefore, while you’re having fun in these games keep an open mind towards upcoming possible gameplay opportunities.

For more updates on Valorant, keep an eye on ESTNN.

All the Game Modes Available in Valorant 2024
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