Phantom Meowscles Fortnite – Spot for Most Frightening Cat

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Phantom Meowscles Fortnite – Spot for Most Frightening Cat

The Phantom Meowscles Fortnite skin has now been released! How can you get the Shadow Meowscles variant and does he appear in the game though?

Fortnite’s skipped its regular update this week in favor of a milder hotfix with a few bugfixes and a sneaky Augment put in. However, that doesn’t mean we’re not getting new Fortnite skins and cosmetics. One of the most interesting of the new skins is a Halloween-themed take on one of Fortnite’s most popular original characters. The Phantom Meowscles Fortnite skin is a brand new version of the swole cat. It’s a creepy take on the cat-man that’s a real highlight of the Fortnitemares 2023 event.

The new skin is one of just a few coming for Halloween that aren’t crossovers. We’re getting past Halloween skins making a return, like variations on the iconic Ghoul Trooper. New skins are a bit rarer, but Phantom Meowscles is an interesting inclusion. Epic is often using this set-up for a Halloween skin. They take an iconic Fortnite character and make them a bit creepier. We’ve had Zombie Peely and now we’re getting a spooky shadow Meowscles.

Is the new skin worth the purchase? Can you get Phantom Meowscles without buying any V-Bucks? This is what you need to know about the skin and how to get it plus the new character location in-game.

Phantom Meowscles Fortnite

Phantom Meowscles Fortnite

The Phantom Meowscles Fortnite skin is one of a new batch available for Halloween 2023. He was first added to the item shop on October 20th, along with a few other spooky-themed characters. He’s a redo or redesign of the Meowscles archetype, although lore-wise he doesn’t seem to have much relevance to the other characters!

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As a mainly one color skin, Phantom Meowscles skin might have more competitive relevance than he initially appears to. The character is actually a similar solid color to the Superhero skins. These are some of the sweatiest Fortnite skins as they provide fantastic opportunities for camouflage and blending in. Although, Meowscles’ weird hitbox might cause some problems there. Fans looking to blend in probably won’t be going with the barrel-chested cat, just because he’s almost a walking target.

For the few weeks of Fortnitemares though, the Phantom Meowscles skin will definitely suit the darkened spookier lighting.

Can You Get the Phantom Meowscles Skin for Free?

Phantom Meowscles Fortnite is a new skin coming for Halloween. Sometimes Epic likes to celebrate these in-game events with free skins. While not quite limited to Halloween, we did get a pumpkin-headed freebie last year when we got Chrome Punk for free. What about the Shadow Meowscles Fortnite skin though? You can get the V-Bucks to get him for free, but it'll take you a few seasons to save up.

This is an item shop skin. You might have a few options outside of this, but you’ll need to redeem v-bucks to get the Shadow Meowscles skin. These are the options for buying him and his associated cosmetics

Phantom Meowscles Fortnite

  • Meownstrosity Bundle (1,700 V-Bucks) – All Cosmetics
  • Phantom Meowscles (1,200 V-Bucks) – just the skin
  • Fishbone Cleaver (800 V-Bucks) – Pickaxe
  • Furrocious Shadow (500 V-Bucks) – Wrap

Since this is a standard Halloween skin, not a crossover, it’s decent value. If you want to get it for free, it comes down to getting free v-bucks, this isn’t one of the free Fortnite skins you can unlock through quests. There are plenty of methods as we detailed in our guide, but for the most limited you will have to wait until you accumulate enough. A few seasons of playing might leave you with enough for one skin like Phantom Meowscles though.

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Shadow Meowscles Backstory

The Phantom Meowscles Fortnite skin is another version of the popular Meowscles character. We’ve already had the basic Meowscles, followed by his son Kit. We then got his little sister Meowskulls. What about Phantom Meowscles though, how does he fit in?

As a Halloween skin, he has a bit of a darker backstory! The Phantom Meowscles skin doesn’t seem to be directly related to the actual Meowscles character. Instead, he’s a monster from another world.

The cat is a monster who has come to the C4 S4 map from a shadow realm (presumably unrelated to the one where people are more concerned with card games). He has came here to teach the island residents a little something about tricks and treats. His resemblance to the actual Meowscles seems like a complete coincidence.

He doesn’t seem related to any of the cats we’ve already seen in the game. Meowscles doesn’t even seem to have unique interactions with them if you spot him on the map wearing these skins.

Phantom Meowscles In-Game Location

Phantom Meowscles Fortnite

Phantom Meowscles Fortnite skin is a fun new addition, but will you see him even if you’re not planning on purchasing him. The Fortnite skin is going to be visible on the island as a brand-new character in-game. You can find him at the ice island sticking out above the jungle, just southwest of Shady Stilts. He’s replacing the standard Meowscles on the C4 map for the last few weeks of Season 4.

Phantom Meowscles Fortnite – Spot for Most Frightening Cat
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