Fortnite – How to Get Chrome Punk For Free

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Fortnite – How to Get Chrome Punk For Free

Chrome Punk is one of the rare free skins added to Fortnite. He was part of the Fortnitemares update for 2022; after a lot of waiting you can finally get Chrome Punk for free in Fortnite!

Chrome Punk was one of the bigger mysteries of the recent Fortnitemares. He was added, found by dataminers, then, determined to be a free skin. However, Fortnitemares came and went while Chrome Punk failed to appear. Some players were even beginning to think he was a myth! This has left plenty wondering where is the skin and how do you get Chrome Punk in Fortnite? The recent Fortnite V22.30 update has brought Chrome Punk into the game actively.

How to get Chrome Punk is strangely something we knew for a little while before he appeared. His quests were discovered inside of the game. While he is a free skin, players will need to complete a huge task of levelling up, one that really spreads the player base thin. Only those who are willing to grind are going to be able to get the free skin.

The Chrome Punk skin is a bit complicated. He’s finally active in the game, and we know how to get Chrome Punk for free in Fortnite. However, it's going to take some work. We’ll run through how you can unlock the character and get the rest of the free Fortnite cosmetics for Chrome Punk.

How to Get Chrome Punk for Free in Fortnite

How to Get Chrome Punk in Fortnite

Chrome Punk was initially added to the files with the last big update, the Fortnitemares Halloween update. He looked likely to pop up as part of the Halloween event’s Fortnitemares quests. However, it now seems he's a more general goal for players. They still have a limited amount of time to complete these challenges and get Chrome Punk for free.

Most of the quests for Chrome Punk are simple, but difficult. They're going to require quite a bit of grinding.

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To unlock chrome Punk for free in-game, you’ll have to gain 50 account levels. This isn’t unachievable. It is hard, though, it is a pretty high number for account levelling. Especially when Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 and the Overwatch Battle Pass are competing for the player’s time, if you want to get the free skin, you’ll need to rise up all 50 levels, by January at the latest. This does give you plenty of time to get it done. However, it's still quite a task if you're looking to blow through it quickly.

One thing to keep in mind, is that there is a difference between Battle Pass levels and account levels. To get Chrome Punk for free, you need to gain account levels.

Chrome Punk Quests

Fortnite Chrome Punk Quests

These are the quests that are associated with the Chrome Punk skin and other cosmetics:

  • Earn 10 Account Levels – Backbling
  • Earn 25 Account Levels – Loading Screen
  • Earn 50 Account Levels – Chrome Punk

Account levels are the levels that you've gained across every Season of Fortnite. These don't reset season to season. Players can unlock Chrome punk once they've hit 50 levels in total, across this season and presumably the next.

Chrome Punk Backbling

Fortnite Chrome Punk Backbiting

Chrome Punk Loading Screen

Fortnite Chrome Punk Loading Screen

Chrome Punk Outfit

Chrome punk

What is Chrome Punk?

How to Get Chrome Punk in Fortnite

Chrome Punk is a new Fortnite skin added with Fortnitemares 2022 and just made active. This skin is a take on the Punk skin. That’s a paid skin of a man with a pumpkin for a head. Halloween-appropriate and a fun look for the game. However, Chrome Punk is a different version of the character. This version is covered in Chrome permanently, with a new status and style of skins that fit with the Chapter 3 Season 4 theme, Chrome.

Chrome Punk looks just like normal skin but coated in the chrome substance. Covering skins in Chrome happens in-game when you use a chrome splash. It’s also the idea behind quite a few of the bonus skins for this season of Fortnite. The effect on the skins is distinct enough for players to be aware that you don’t have the chrome effect, although some players may confuse if it’s your skin that’s making you that color or if you have the effect applies.

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Chrome Punk differs from the normal Punk in another key way. He is a free Fortntie skin. He takes a lot of work to unlock, needing 50 levels to be gained in total. However, it's a cool Halloween look that will be worth it for a lot of players.

Can You Unlock Chrome Punk Now?

How to Get Chrome Punk in Fortnite

Chrome Punk is finally active in the game! You can now unlock Chrome Punk. if you're wondering why that's even a question, you may have missed out on all the build-up. This is what happened.

The Chrome Punk skin was found in the files alongside the quests for unlocking him. However, he didn't appear in the quests for quite a while. For the bulk of Fortnitemares, players who don’t keep up with Fortnite news were probably unaware that the game even had a new free skin coming. Those who were waiting for him to make an appearance have likely been checking frantically, too, to no avail, as Chrome Punk has been took his time to appear.

You couldn't unlock Chrome Punk for the entire Halloween event, despite him being a pumpkin headed man. He is now active.

Making the unlock account levels is a hint at how long his quest line runs. In the latter days of a Season, most players are higher in levels and don't progress as quickly. Making his target 50 levels would be a huge task. It would require loads of levels gained in the latter period of a season. Something maybe not as achievable for the bulk of Fortnite’s audience. 50 levels over two Seasons though is more than do-able!

Players should be trying to grind through levels with the Weekly quests if they want to maximize their chances of getting Chrome Punk for Free. Some reward quite a lot of XP. There’s also the Daily Quests which can provide a decent amount if you complete all three. This could help you get Chrome Punk for free by getting through the quests on time.

That's how you can unlock Chrome Punk in Fortnite. His quests need a bit of grinding, but players get a decent sized reward at the end!

Fortnite – How to Get Chrome Punk For Free
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