PGL Announce CS2 Tournament Schedule for 2025-2026

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PGL Announce CS2 Tournament Schedule for 2025-2026

After organizing the first-ever CS2 Major, PGL has now announced its CS2 tournament schedule for 2025-2026

PGL has just wrapped up the first-ever CS2 Major as Natus Vincere lifted the 2024 PGL Copenhagen Major title in a jam-packed Royal Arena on March 31. While the confetti settles following the NAVI vs FaZe Clan showdown in the Copenhagen Major Grand Final, PGL has revealed its CS2 tournament schedule for the 2025/26 season. Let’s find out what the operator has in store for us over the next two years.

PGL Announce CS2 Tournament Schedule for 2025-2026

Credit: PGL

PGL CS2 Tournament Schedule 2025-2026

PGL announced a massive eleven-tournament circuit spanning 2025 and 2026, revealed during the PGL Major Copenhagen 2024. This ambitious schedule promises a jam-packed calender ahead for the competitive Counter-Strike scene over the next two years.

The PGL CS2 tournament schedule announcement seems strategically timed. With franchised leagues like BLAST and ESL losing the ability to partner with teams in 2025, PGL is positioning itself to fill the void. The announcement suggests PGL’s desire to break the dominance these rivals have held in the scene. Here’s the official statement from the operator:

“For the first time since 2016, PGL will be able to organize CS2 Tier 1, non-major tournaments, signaling the end of the era dominated by a few esports organizers who created a monopoly on the Counter-Strike market. This initiative not only introduces a breath of fresh air into the competitive scene but also aligns with PGL's vision of fostering a more inclusive and varied esports ecosystem,”

“PGL's ambition goes beyond merely increasing the number of tournaments; it aims to elevate the quality, excitement, and accessibility of competitive CS2 to new heights.”

PGL CS2 Tournament Schedule 2025

  • PGL CS2 Tournament #1: February 10-24
  • PGL CS2 Tournament #2: March 31 – April 14
  • PGL CS2 Tournament #3: May 3-19
  • PGL CS2 Tournament #4: September 29 – October 13
  • PGL CS2 Tournament #5: October 18 – November 3

PGL CS2 Tournament Schedule 2026

  • PGL CS2 Tournament #6: February 16 – March 2
  • PGL CS2 Tournament #7: March 23 – April 6
  • PGL CS2 Tournament #8: May 2-18
  • PGL CS2 Tournament #9: August 3-17
  • PGL CS2 Tournament #10: September 28 – October 12
  • PGL CS2 Tournament #11: October 19 – November 2

With a crowded esports landscape, questions arise about how PGL will navigate this ambitious schedule. A fan-created schedule highlights potential conflicts with existing tournaments from other organizers. PGL will need a strategic approach to secure team participation and viewer interest. You can check out the calendar highlighting the potential conflicts below:

PGL Announce CS2 Tournament Schedule for 2025-2026

Credit: r/GlobalOffensive on Reddit

The PGL CS2 tournment schedule reflects a simila move in the competitive Dota 2 scene. Valve, the developer of both games, previously dissolved their regional leagues, creating an opening for third-party tournament organizers like PGL. PGL has established a strong relationship with Valve, hosting major events like The International series and most recent CS:GO Majors (excluding the pandemic-impacted IEM Rio in 2023).

PGL Announce CS2 Tournament Schedule for 2025-2026
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