Palworld Session Search Error: How To Fix

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Palworld Session Search Error: How To Fix

Here’s how to fix Palworld Session Search Error.

You might have encountered the OnFindSessionsComplete bWasSucessful == false.” error in Palworld. We’ve listed all the ways to help you get through this error in the world of ‘Pokemon-with-guns”

The Session Search error issue in Palworld is really simple to fix, and is mostly related to having a lot of busy servers in the game. To fix this issue, players need to restart Palworld and switch Multiplayer off in the settings of the world that you’re currently trying to join.

Turning the game from multiplayer to singleplayer resets your connection to the multiplayer server, which is the fix behind the reason why this error mostly occurs – due to a bad connection to the multiplayer server. We’ve listed a couple of fixes the PC version of this game. However, you might have to wait for Pocketpair to release a patch that fixes all this if this doesn’t work for you at all on the XBOX.

Palworld currently allows upto 32 people on a single server to play the game, and due to the rise in popularity of the game, the massive player count has unexpectedly taken a load on Palworld’s servers. Pocketpair have acknowledged the issue, and are keen on releasing a patch, or a hotfix for the samne. The server overload AKA session search error is a common problem and the fixes listed below will surely help you get your game up and running in no time.

Palworld Session Search Error: How to Fix

Screengrab of Palworld Session Search Error
Image Via Pocketpair

Toggle Multiplayer On/Off from World Settings

  • Head to the main menu
  • From the World Settings menu, choose “Change World Settings”
  • Toggle “Multiplayer” Off (found above Difficulty settings).
  • Start your world, then keep on toggling Multiplayer on and off.
  • You need to repeat this a couple of times, until you find this issue fixes the game.

Verify Your In-game Files

  • Open up Steam and find the Games and Software tab on the left hand of the program.
  • From your game library, locate Palworld and right-click on it and select “Properties.”
  • From the menu that opens up, click on “Installed Files” and then proceed to select the “Verify integrity of game files” option at the bottom of the window.
  • It will take some minutes for Steam to verify the in-game files. And once you’re done, start Palworld again and see if the issue still persists, this is a method that might help fix the error which has been plaguing many users since the launch of the game.

Update The Game

  • Under Gaming and software, head to your library
  • Locate Palworld and right click on it,
  • Turn on “always keep this game updated’ if you haven’t already
  • Turning on Automatic updates will ensure your game is automatically updated all the time without the hassle of manually updating the game whenever a new patch is released. Having Auto Updates turned on ensure Steam automatically updates the game to the latest version available. Pocketpair have been focusing on shipping patches that look to fix existing bugs, glitches, exploits and errors.

Restart your Router

  • Close Palworld
  • Turn off your WiFi router
  • Turn it back on and reconnect your PC to the WiFi network again
  • Open Palworld and check if you encounter the error again

If everything else fails, you might want to just create a new world in the game entirely. However, it is not an ideal method to just lose all your in-game progress just because of this bug. This is a last resort and only recommended if you’ve followed every single thing specified in this list.

The game is currently in ‘early access’, and has already amassed a large player count, way more than many full releases have. The game is set to remain in the early access stage for about 10 to 12 months, until PocketPair feels it is ready for a full fledged 1.0 release. But being in early access, there are already a million copies and counting for player sold on Steam.

For more Palworld Coverage and help on how to fix errors along with the patch notes for each update, follow us here on ESTNN.

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