Palworld Item Duplication Glitch – How To Take Advantage Of It

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Palworld Item Duplication Glitch – How To Take Advantage Of It

The Palworld item duplication glitch is here, and a lot of people are using it. Let’s see what it is and how to take advantage of it.

While we are ESTNN do not encourage players to abuse any game, we have to let you know about the Palworld item duplication glitch. Based on our experience, you can actually use free resources all the time, which frees you from the tedious process of securing different things. In other words, instead of looking for resources to craft different Palworld items, you can get all of them in an instant. 

We know that this will intrigue you, so let’s reveal everything about the Palworld item duplication bug and how to use it until it is fixed. Considering that a lot of people know about it, this should happen in the near future.

Palworld Item Duplication Glitch – What is It?

The Palworld item duplication glitch is, as its name suggests, a bug that lets you duplicate items you have in the game. In other words, you do not need to mine specific items for hours.

How to take advantage of the Palworld Item Duplication Glitch?

If you want to exploit the Palworld Item Duplication Glitch, you need to know a couple of important things about it.

  • From our experience, this glitch is more “effective” when your level is higher. So, don’t expect wonders if you are just getting started.
  • The items that usually require more resources will let you receive more duplicates. 
  • Judging from our tests, you should try to remove all Pals from your base because you need to make sure no one is doing anything.
  • The items you wish to duplicate using the glitch should be iun your base.

Once that is all sorted, the next step to using the Palworld Item Duplication Glitch is to look for something that requires the item you wish to multiply. Before that, though, you have to be sure you have all of the materials required for the specific item, and they should be inside the base, not in the inventory.

After that’s taken care of, you will have to go to your base’s outer limit, where there will be a blue circle. Once there, you have to:

  • Press “B”, choose what you want to build, and position yourself in the following way – 1 foot should be outside of your base, whereas the other one has to be inside the blue circle.
  • Once ready, put the items inside your base and then walk out of it immediately afterward. If you have timed it right, you will be able to dismantle the specific stricture, which will trigger the Palworld item duplication glitch, and you will get the specific resources.

Other usages of this glitch.

Besides using the Palworld item duplication glitch for specific items, you can also use it to get insane amounts of money and use the latter to buy different things. All you have to do is sell the duplicated items. The only downside to this is that, as more and more people learn about the bug, the prices of some of the rare Pals will increase a lot.

Possible Consequences

We do not expect people who use the Palworld item duplication glitch to receive a ban because this is not considered cheating. Nevertheless, we can’t guarantee what will happen, so use this glitch at your own risk. Based on our experience, the developers may decide to roll back some aspects of the game or remove the extra materials from everyone’s account.

Palworld Item Duplication Glitch – How To Take Advantage Of It
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