Overwatch League Power Rankings 2020 – #16 Dallas Fuel

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Overwatch League Power Rankings 2020 – #16 Dallas Fuel

Coming in at #16 in our power rankings is the Dallas Fuel, we take a peek at the team's new roster, and look at their chances in the 2020 season.

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Dallas Fuel offered us mitigated results last year. They performed well on the first two stages when the 3-3 meta was at its best, but the team quickly fell behind their opponents ending the final two stages with a single win. For the Overwatch League 2020 Season, Dallas Fuel kept most of their roster and signed three new players.

Three new signings, many possibilities

Dallas Fuel signed three news players this off-season. First is Gui-un “Decay” Jang, who is coming from Los Angeles Gladiators as a trade against Min-seok “OGE” Son. Decay didn’t have the opportunity to shine during Overwatch Season 2019. The GOATS and 3-3 metas didn’t let DPS players like him show off what they are capable of.

The crowd watches a Dallas Fuel game, live on stage.
Will the new players bring the OWL trophy home to Dallas?

The next one joining is main tank player Young-jin “Gamsu” Noh. Gamsu already has some experience in the Overwatch League, as he previously played with Boston Uprising and Shanghai Dragons. While he isn’t the best tank in the League, his positive behavior is a real added value for any team. Gamsu was even nominated for the Dennis Hawelka Award in 2019.

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Finally, Dong-Ha “Doha” Kim completes the roster. This former Element Mystic member is one of the best Sombra player. However, with the new hero bans rule coming into the League for 2020, his performance will be closely tight to the right meta. If Sombra is available, Doha can do wonders. If she is banned for the week, chances are Doha will warm the bench.

A grid of profile pictures of each of the members of the Dallas Fuel roster with their handle beneath. The team name and logo appear to the left

Dallas Fuel 2020 roster:


  • Lucas “NOTE” Meissner
  • Ashley “Trill” Powell
  •  Youngjin “Gamsu” Noh


  • Jonathan “HarryHook” Tejedor Rua
  • Benjamin “uNKOE” Chevasson
  • Wonsik “Closer” Jung


  • Dylan “aKm” Bignet
  • Zachary “ZachaREEE” Lombardo
  • Jang “Decay” Gui-un
  • Kim “Doha” Dong-Ha
Overwatch League Power Rankings 2020 – #16 Dallas Fuel
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