Overwatch 2 Valentine’s Event (Rewards, Loverwatch & More)

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Overwatch 2 Valentine’s Event (Rewards, Loverwatch & More)

Celebrate the season of love in Overwatch 2 in this year's Valentine's Day event!

Following the game's Season 3 announcement, Blizzard's Valentine's day event has come to Overwatch 2.

Here's everything you can do to celebrate the season of hearts in-game.

Cupid Hanzo Skin

Overwatch 2 has just come out with it's most entertaining skin to date. Hanzo's “Cupid” skin replaces the character's usually gloom and somber personality and flips it on its head, transforming the Shimada marksman into a Valentine's Day cutie who's out to shoot everyone through the heart with his Sonic Arrows. If looks could kill..

Hanzo's newest outfit comes with plenty of small surprises. Besides the fact that players will be able to enjoy donning the skin in the Valentine's event (which we'll get to later), his abilities also come with new (and hilariously appropriate) sound cues that make Cupid Hanzo all the more endearing. Shooting projectiles with his Sonic Arrow ability give off a charming VFX every time you shoot, and Cupid Hanzo's Dragonstrike now echoes smooth saxophone music instead of a raging dragon roar; a fun break from the character's path to redemption.

Whether you pick the pink or blue preset, you'll be lunging through the air with your fluttery wings (and they do actually flutter when you use his double-jump) as the deadliest Cupid the world's ever faced.

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Overwatch 2 valentines event credit: Blizzard Entertainment

Love of Geometry

Love of Geometry pits players against each other in a 4v4 all-Hanzo deathmatch. Following the Love of Geometry theme, everyone who drops in a game will be wearing the  Cupid skin when they play. Players can have Cupid all to themselves when they purchase the limited-time event skin from the in-game shop or the Battle.net shop. To make the season even more Hanzo-centric, Overwatch 2's new Valentine's game mode brings back a classic hero ability of his: Scatter Arrow.

The Scatter Arrow skill was extremely lethal when it was still in play back in the original game. Targeting any surface would split the arrow into multiple projectiles that would bounce and ricochet around the nearest target, shredding their HP instantly. Hanzo even uses it in his battle with Genji in his old animated short.  The ability was since removed from Overwatch completely due to player complaints of it feeling unfair to play against. With that in mind, if you're in the mood to see arrows fly among multiple, very hunky Hanzo's, jump in a Love of Geometry game for an evening of absolute chaos.

With the new season comes new competitive ladders. With over 30 hero characters to choose from, a lot of us can get lost in the mechanics and forget the fundamentals to staying alive and becoming a high-value asset for your team. If you're looking for the best ways to climb the ranks, check out our latest tips for Overwatch 2 here.

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The Overwatch devs really went all in for this year's Valentine's event. By now, you've already heard about the browser dating sim “Loverwatch” game. To date, this might be the most interactive event minigame Blizzard's ever released. For all of it's kooky charms, romancing some of your favorite heroes actually makes for a unique experience, albeit a short (and very self-aware) one. Love is a silly thing.

There is one strong reason to keep your eyes on Loverwatch, however. Finding secrets within the dating simulator will actually bag you some sweet in-game rewards. We're already all flustered from the thought. The browser game is playable up until Feb. 28, 2023, so enjoy a good thing while it lasts. Just make sure not to stare into Cupid Hanzo's eyes for too long.

Overwatch 2 Valentines Loverwatch Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

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Overwatch 2 Valentine’s Event (Rewards, Loverwatch & More)
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