Overwatch 2 Best Way to Counter Every Dps in the Game

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Overwatch 2 Best Way to Counter Every Dps in the Game

Even though the tanks in Overwatch 2 have a vital role in the game, most people playing Overwatch 2 focus on DPS. Besides the fact that the game offers the highest number of DPS heroes, they offer unique mechanics. If you check some of the best Overwatch 2 heroes to pick in each rank, you will see a couple of DPS.

Although some heroes are better than others, each DPS has a role in the game and can work. With that said, what we’re about to see is a way to deal with all Overwatch 2 DPS heroes in the game. This guide is written during Season 3, but it will also work in the future, so let’s dive in.

Overwatch 2 Best hero counters


Overwatch Ashe Guide

If you look at our Overwatch 2 DPS tier list, you can see that Ashe is among the best heroes in the game right now. In fact, she receives a pretty substantial buff in the mid-season 3 update, which makes BOB even more dangerous.

Dealing with Ashe is easier said than done, but if there is a hero that can make her life more complicated, it has to be Widowmaker. The latter has the longest range in the game, meaning she can quickly kill Ashe from miles away. Even if she can’t land a kill, Widow can force the Ashe player to be defensive, which is always a plus.


How to Play Hanzo

Hanzo is a hero who can work against almost anything, and he doesn’t have that many counters. Nevertheless, the hero isn’t that good against flying opponents. Consequently, heroes like Echo and Pharah can be a pretty good option. Of course, you have to be careful when playing against Hanzo because he can always secure a one-shot kill if he lands a headshot.


overwatch2-wallpaper bastion

Even though Bastion is not the hottest DPS in the current meta, the hero has loyal fans. If you’re among them or you have to play against him, one of the best Overwatch 2 DPS counter you can get is Genji.

The cyborg ninja is fast, can climb walls, and has a deflect, which makes Bastion’s crazy damage output work against him. Killing a good Genji player with this hero is next to impossible. Hanzo is also a solid counter to Bastion because of his burst damage. However, he is not as annoying as Genji, meaning good Bastion players can potentially deal with him.


The Overwatch hero Genji, a cybernetic ninja

While talking about Genji, the hero hasn’t been that special in Season 3, even though some people pick him occasionally. If you’re in a game where you have to counter the enemy’s Genji player, you can do that by picking heroes like Cassidy.

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This hitscan DPS can deal tons of damage from close and mid-range and his grande means he needs to land one shot and the ability to kill Genji. However, players have to be careful not to deflect the grenade because this will allow Genji to kill you much faster.


Cassidy Champions to Avoid in Diamond

The next hero on the list is pretty hot right now, especially after we found out he might receive big changes in Overwatch 2 Season 4. However, until we see whether Blizzard will give the hero a new ability, he will continue to be among the go-to options.

In terms of countering him with other DPS heroes, Widowmaker and Ashe are the best. They have more range, allowing them to kill Cassidy much faster than he can kill them. However, they must be careful because he can shorten the distance quickly. 


overwatch2 wallpaper mei

Mei will be one of the heroes that will probably be a part of the next Overwatch 2 DPS meta because she’ll undergo a lot of changes. Nevertheless, she has one main problem – Bastion. The latter’s damage output is so high that he can easily deal with the waker Ice Wall. What’s more, Mei can’t just “man fight” Bastion, so she will have a hard time playing against the hero.

We also need to remember that Bastion is tankier than usual. In other words, she won’t be able to kill him that fast.


Overwatch Echo hero

Echo is not among the hottest Overwatch 2 DPS heroes in Season 3, but we can see her in the game every now and then. Similar to Pharah, most hitscan heroes can do really well against her. Consequently, you can get Soldier, Cassidy Ashe, Widowmaker, and more.

That said, Echo can do much damage, so you have to be careful and not underestimate her.


Junkrat Overwatch

When it comes down to Overwatch 2 DPS chart, you can see that Junkrat is one of the best heroes in the world right now. He is incredibly strong against pretty much anything except Pharah. 

The latter’s ability to stay in the air almost all the time means that it is tough for Junkrat to score a kill. With that said, Pharah players need to know how to play to win this matchup because every mistake can be fatal.


The Overwatch 2 hero, Reaper, holds his gun at the ready

Reaper is a hero that only works well if he’s close to you. Consequently, you can counter him with pretty much every ranged hero, such as Widowmaker and Hanzo will work well. Just be careful because he might teleport next to you and kill you in seconds.

Soldier: 76

tips Overwatch Soldier 76 Guide

Solder is one of the best Overwatch 2 DPS heroes in every skill bracket right now. He works well against pretty much anything, but heroes like Genki and Tracer can be really hard to deal with.

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Tracer is probably the best because the latter is extremely fast and can pressure him. Furthermore, she can always escape when things go wrong. With that said, Tracer placers have to be careful because they can die from Soldier’s rockets.


The hero Pharah from Blizzard's Overwatch franchise

When discussing hot Overwatch 2 Season 3 DPS, we must mention Pharah. She’s not every player’s cup of tea, but she can do well in some matchups. Having said that, Pharah has a lot of counters, especially when it comes down to hit scans.

Heroes like Soldier, Widowmaker, Ashe, and even Cassidy can be a real pain to deal with. That’s one of the big reasons why most Ashe players usually play alongside Mercy or another pocket healer.



Even though Torb isn’t that good against opponents who know what they’re doing, the hero is great in the lower-MMR brackets. He is tankier than usual, which means that not all DPS heroes will work well. However, options like Solider, Tracer and even Widowmaker can be pretty good.

Of course, we can also include Sojourn, the hero that works well against almost anything, including Torb. She can kill the Turret quickly, and her mobility makes her hard to kill.


balance Overwatch hero Sombra holds a purple sphere of energy.

Sombra’s one of the worst Overwatch 2 DPS heroes in the game right now. There are various counters you can get against her, but it seems like Symmetra and Torb are among the best. They can do tons of damage to Sombra and are hard to kill.



Symmetra is an amazing hero against almost all DPS, but those that fly are just a nightmare to deal with. Consequently, Pharah and Echo are among the best options you can get. If you know what you’re doing, you shouldn’t have any problems dealing with Symmetra.


Overwatch 2

Widowmaker is amazing against almost all heroes, but a couple of options are really hard to play against. Generally speaking, every DPS that can get close to her is hard to play against and can kill her. This includes Genji, Tracer, Sombra, and so on. With that said, Widowmaker players who know how to position themselves should have no problems dealing with their enemies.


The hero Tracer from Overwatch

Tracer is a hero that can work against pretty much anything, assuming the player knows what he’s doing. However, there are a couple of counters to choose from, and one of them is Junkrat. His traps are extremely annoying to play against, and he can one-shot her really fast.

Mei is also a solid counter against Tracer because one icicle headshot is usually enough to score a kill. Of course, you can also use your defensive ability to heal up and even counter the ultimate.

Overwatch 2 Best Way to Counter Every Dps in the Game
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