OpenAI Dota 2 Bots Almost Ready For 5v5 Matches

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OpenAI Dota 2 Bots Almost Ready For 5v5 Matches

Elon Musk's OpenAI Dota 2 bot will play a full match with all heroes later this year or in 2019. We were first acquainted with OpenAI’s Dota 2 bot at last years The International 7. At the time the bot was only able to play 1v1, where it defeated Dota 2 esports pro Dendi in less than 10 minutes. Dendi than quit in the rematch saying “This guy is scary”.

The OpenAI group is testing their bots with Dota 2 in light of the fact that it is much more amusing and unpredictable than recreations from strategy games such as Chess.

Similar to the famous Chess bot Deep Blue, the Dota 2 bot can see moves much further ahead then a human can, and therefore would take a beyond perfect game for a human victory.

The OpenAI bot trains using over 180 hours of gameplay each day.

There could be a future where esports are played between bots, and not humans.

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