DOTA 2 Bots Destroy Professional Players

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DOTA 2 Bots Destroy Professional Players

A group of computer controlled bots just went up against a group of the best human DOTA 2 players. The PC absolutely destroyed the humans…

We were first acquainted with OpenAI's DOTA 2 bot at last years DOTA 2 tournament, International, the $20,000,000+ prize pool season finale. Sponsored by Elon Musk, the OpenAI group is taking a gander at DOTA 2 in light of the fact that it is much more amusing and more unpredictable than recreations from strategy games such as Chess.

Similar to the famous Chess bot Deep Blue, the DOTA 2 bot can see moves much further ahead then a human can, and therefore would take a beyond perfect game for a human victory. Playing against the bot would make for an excellent opponent to train against for this years upcoming DOTA 2 International.

The human vs DOTA 2 bot matches can be seen on Twitch here.