Open AI has a 99%+ Win-Rate Over Human Players

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Open AI has a 99%+ Win-Rate Over Human Players

OpenAi continued its impressive streak against human opponents this weekend and has now defeated over 95% of its human challengers.

As we all know by now, the current TI champions got demolished by OpenAI around a week ago. Following this result, OpenAI was released to the public in order to experiment how will players be able to compete against it.

Players had two options to chose from. Either playing in a human vs bot match (5v5) or a cooperative game where some of your team-mates would be bots. With over 7000 competitive games played, OpenAI seems to be nearly unbeatable. It now has over a 99% win rate.

Even though OpenAI's win percentage is indeed impressive, it is important to remember that not all heroes were played during these games. In fact, OpenAI currently works with only 17 heroes. However, considering the constant improvements that are being implemented, fans of Dota 2 might soon see an increase in that number.

Winning against the bot

There is one team that was able to defeat OpenAI 10 times in a row, according to the leaderboard. It seems like they either found out a “bug” and exploited it or they are just that good. The former, however, is probably more accurate. It is also very likely that this team got super creative at doing some strange things. After watching some of the games it seems like OpenAI has some problems with invisible heroes, for example.

One of the main reasons why it is so hard to win against the bot is because of its incredible micro skills. OpenAI utilizes spells range and attacks, casts, the fog of war and all those other stuff to perfection. No human (yet!) can play that well, regardless of his MMR or professional achievements. Apart from the micro skills, the bots always know the income of the upcoming team fight due to their 45,000+ years of experience. That’s why if you see them coming at you with all their spells, the fight is pretty much over.


As I said our previous article regarding OpenAI, its creators want to use the bot for various real-life tasks. Dota 2 is merely a test for it, not a goal. It is still unknown whether will there be more “tournaments” where people can try their luck against the machine. It is, however, highly likely simply due to OpenAI's popularity in the Dota 2 community.

Just remember – if you happen to play against OpenAI sometimes, always think outside the box. Your regular “mid or feed” type of a deal will not work here.


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Open AI has a 99%+ Win-Rate Over Human Players
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