ONE Esports Dota 2 World Pro Invitational Day 2 Highlights

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ONE Esports Dota 2 World Pro Invitational Day 2 Highlights

Our very final Dota 2 event of the year kicked off its second day, continuing the Bo2’s in our Group Stage.

It was another day of action in Singapore, as our Group Stage continued. If you didn't catch yesterday’s exciting series, we covered some of the biggest moments for you.

But there was plenty of action over plenty of games today too, if you missed out on any of it we've rounded up a few of our favorite highlights.

TNC.Predator vs Team Secret

Team Secret have been looking strong with their new line up, and their opening series against TNC.Predator today was no exception.

It was another two-win sweep for Secret. In game one we were treated to an outstanding performance from Nisha on his Magnus pick. He dominated this game, with a KDA of 16/0/8. A big contributor towards his team’s 22-kill lead over the Chengdu Major champs.

TNC didn’t fare much better in game two. The boys from SEA just couldn’t find the control they needed to swing the game’s momentum their way. The score was 11–37 when Secret took the win at 29-minutes.


Evil Geniuses vs Natus Vincere

It looks like maybe the new logo has given Evil Geniuses a new lease of life. Especially if the stomp they delivered in game one of their series against Na`Vi today is anything to go by.

EG dominated this first match, barely leaving Na`Vi room to breathe and closing out the game in under 20-minutes.


Game two saw the CIS team put up a bit more of a fight. But EG were just unstoppable. Game two saw Arteezy go 11/1/12 on his Drow Ranger, and after 34-minutes, Evil Geniuses shut Natus Vincere down to tuck another 2–0 victory under their belt at this tournament.

TNC.Predator vs

It was a day of disappointments for TNC.Predator, who came into their series against fresh off the back of their earlier defeat.

TNC just couldn’t find their feet today. They only managed to scrape together a total of 10-kills across both games in what was perhaps one of the worst performances we’ve seen from the SEA team.  The bears on the other hand, were looking in fine form as they stomped through TNC. took both game one and two, delivering TNC their second 0–2 defeat for the day.


Epileptick1d had an excellent game on his Gyrocopter in game one, almost keeping up with No[o]ne’s farm and going 9/1/10. A great performance which shows the young Russian player is beginning to find his footing in pro scene.

Vici Gaming vs PSG.LGD

The two Chinese powerhouses went head to head in an exciting series that showed why these two teams are the top of their regional scene.

Game one graced us with some beautiful back and forth team fights. But it was another Magnus pick, this time for Somnus, that really stole the show. He went 13/1/9 in this game, bringing in almost half of his team’s 29-kills. Vici were not taking things lying down, however, they put up a strong defense. Putting 20-kills on the board themselves and holding out for 43-minutes before LGD closed out the first game.


Game two started out fairly even, and it looked like LGD were pulling into the lead out of the laning phase. But Vici Gaming brought out their fangs around the 20-minute mark, snatching the gold lead back. From here they rolled on to a dominant 35-minute victory with a 19-kill lead over LGD. The final score was 35–16 when Vici took the win to equalize this series 1–1.

You can check out the day's final standings for all the teams over at the official One Esports website.

There’s still plenty more to come from the ONE Esports Dota 2 World Pro Invitational. Tune in tomorrow to catch all the action from Singapore live on Twitch.

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